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[LFG][PvX][BP] GW2 Maniac Looking for A Strong Community/Guild

MurkWan.8526MurkWan.8526 Member ✭✭
edited December 5, 2018 in Looking For Guild

Listen, I love this game and I am basically addicted to it.
I have played for about 150 days and already clocked in more than 1100 hours. I have 9 toons, of which 8 are level 80 and one is 60. My mastery rank is 249 and I even got a commander tag. Occasionally run some HP trains, especially for newer players.

I might look like I am tooting my own horn but honestly, I just want people to grasp how much passion I have for this game. I need a guild that actually has focused goals, roles and wants to grow along with me. I want to contribute meaningfully and feel like I am actually part of something instead of feeling like a stranger to a bunch of indifferent folks.

Right now, my focus is sPvP and trying to get better at duelling. Otherwise, I can provide help or learn anything for and/or from anyone.

Is there any guild out there that is looking for someone like me? Serious propositions only.

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