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Can't Add my DLC Help

I bought the jingle jam bundle on humble bundle I was able to add to my account:
Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition
Guild Wars 2: Toy Mini Eye DLC
but not
Guild Wars: Eye of the North DLC
Guild Wars: Nightfall DLC
It says: "The serial code given was not recognized by our system. Please try again."
Can anyone help me?


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    Make note that nightfall and eye of the north are for the first game, not guild wars 2. With that being said, this is what you need to do.

    If you don't already have a guild wars account, you first have to download the client.

    Then once you have that installed, there's a spot to create a new account, it will allow you to enter the cd key. First one you want to enter is the nightfall key since it's a stand alone game. Then you will be able to add the eye of the north cd key, these have to be entered in game.

    At the character select screen you'll see edit account at the bottom, click that and then click manage access keys, then click next at the bottom, then you click add keys and enter your eye of the north cd key.

    After all this is said and done you can link your guild wars account to your gw2 account, the login info for the guild wars account will then be the same as your login info for guild wars 2. this is explains how to link your guild wars account once you have it set up, the point of linking the account is that you can unlock rewards in guild wars 2 based on things from your guild wars account. Weapon/armor skins and titles to be exact.

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