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2 Veterans Looking for Guild

Hubby and I started playing GW2 at launch. We took some time off because of teenage children, military and life. We originally created a Guild of our own and had friends that played with us, but all have stopped playing at one point of another over the years. So now that we have been back to being active with the game this last year, we are down to the two of us in the guild and are finding it harder and harder to do things alone. We've never done fractals, WVW, Raids and maybe only one dungeon. I have done a little PVP, he has not (he doesn't like it). We are looking for a guild that is active, 18+, but someone that understands that life happens and there might be a few days of no play, a guild that is into doing everything and will help with things and teach, but will allow us to help and do what we can and won't force things on us. We are in the Southern States and are both retired Navy Veterans, looking for like minded people. Please feel free to PM me, if you think you might be the guild for us.
Respectfully and thank you.


  • This is my first comment ever, welcome back I my-self-looking for a guild.

  • Hey guys!

    We are a small guild that is always looking to team up with other friendly players. You can check us out at:
    You can read up a little bit about how we are, see some recent runs/streams, and even check out our activity via Discord (no login needed) to see if you'd fit in with us!

    I'm in a nearly identical situation: veteran who played during launch. Saw my old guild break apart during deployments and didn't bother playing for a good while. Decided to start playing again earlier this year now that I'm out. I joined and enjoyed the low pressure of our group. I've since done fractals/CMs, PvP, and raids. We're all pretty sporadic adults with busy schedules so it might be worth checking out as we aren't pros but still get stuff done. Most activity is on weekend evenings. No pressure to over-focus on participation, performance, and you can drop out anytime without hard feelings. If interested, feel free reach out to me at:
    Discord: Axxrael#1240
    In-game: Axxrael.1240

    Hope your search goes well either way!

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