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[EU server] Serpents Ire : Join us today 5:30pm utc AND 8:00pm utc

Hello Tyrians.

I'm here to light up the warning beacons of Gondor. Middle Earth may be far from Vabbi, but i still need your help in the Brand.
Here is the call i made on reddit (if you're interested in).

The purpose is to gather enough people to slay some serpent at the Mirror of Lyss.

The meta Serpents' Ire is divided in three steps with a timer for each step. This timer is our main ennemy.
Step 1) Hide and seek game, where we are supposed to kill branded veterans in the Brand, to make zealots champions spawn. They are five, and we have to kill them all.
Step 2) Once the first step ends, we got two minutes (it's very quick) to reach the Mirror and split in five groups to kill the zealots a second time. The fight is very hard because people involved got to know what "control skills" are, how to use them and use them fast and wisely. The success or fail depends on it above all.
Step 3) If the zealots are defeated, our target (Ysshi Hessani), will spawn with his pet (it's a huge pet, it's an hydra). Here, squad have to focus on the snake first and kill it, as fast as possible of course. If you kill the hydra first, Ysshi will rez it. It's a waste of time. If sparkles spawn, Isshy is invulnerable. So, we'll have to spread and kill them and then be back to the fight.

You know almost everything you need i think.
Why come and help ? You can join for and achievement "Serpent slayer" or for the "Y golem collection" or for the daily reward. Or simply to be here and be part of, in my opinion, a cool meta.

So, to sum this up, check what you favorite profession CC skills are and prepare them before the meta begins.

Rendez-vous at 5:30pm UTC for a first attempt.
If we fail, unfortunatly, we'll try again at 8:00pm UTC.
If we succeed, i ask you to come again at 8:00pm UTC, to help the ones who can not join at 5:30pm.

I hope i won't update this thread for new attempts on friday ;-)
Warm regards MornJack

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