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Content rewards (Raid,PVE,WVW,PVP(i donno much about, stopped pvp after my ascension(another topic))

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I feel like raiding is the most difficult and competitive content in guild wars 2. The rewards we get for this is almost nothing. There is absolutely nothing that we can gain by doing this other than crafting legendary armor by collecting massive amounts of legendary insights with the exception of super rare ghostly infusion and bench of final judge. Don't get me wrong but this is the most frustrating and the hardest content in game. U start with a raid squad on LFG u never get your desired squad ever. U gotta make compromises and let power DPS play on condi bosses and condi DPS on power bosses and so on and u will know its a fake LI ping when u command a squad but u still keep it cool and try to just finish the boss. After ridiculous number of tries u finally get a kill and get awarded with one legendary divination or insight and some kitten(excuse my language) drops ascended if you lucky and if RNGesus bless u with either ghostly infusion or bench of final judge on two specific bosses Gorseval or Dhuum. My question is how is that balanced??

This is the most kitten(excuse my language again) content in the game. There are two modes to make most GPM in the game right now and they are either Silver wastes chest farm or Domain of Istan Farm. Other than that the Meta content of PvE is good for one amalgamated gemstone per day and getting a infusion drop is a myth(u can include shatterer from jahai bluffs, choya pinyata from crystal oasis and that mini from awakened destroyer or something). So, what about the other maps of the entire game u developed? nothing to earn there? then y u created all those maps when the best rewards we gain from guild wars 2 is exclusive to silver wastes chest farm and countless hours Spam of istan and not to forget the amalgamated gemstones from HOT metas? now a days even leather farm is also kitten because of the fluctuating prices on TP. I wanna clear this discussion by implying and stressing on one thing balancing the reward content in open PVE not everything is rewarding. It takes endless hours of grind and makes us loose interest in game by doing so in repeating the same kitten(lost my count of "kitten" I used, excuse my language) again and again. Need some serious insight into this.

My WVW level is 80 or 90. I only WVW for gift of battle and I know deep inside that i'm not the one to speak about this. My dear WVW players pls share your experience in comments regarding this topic in particular. Same goes for Fractals and PVP.


  • For some reason s.h.i.t was transformed to kitten in case u are confused.

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    And I, on the other hand, do not feel like raiding is the most difficult and competitive content in guild wars 2, and I think rewards are adequate for time you spend on it.
    If you spend hours on it because you raid with pugs/lfg it's your problem, not game problem.
    Try to win AT match if you get thrown against high league players, then you will know most difficult and competitive content with kitten rewards.

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    I just wonder what kind of rewards do you expect from raiding?
    You get your kill, you get your LI, you get your fun, you get M.Shards that can be traded for ascended gear and if you lucky you get an ascended gear drop.
    If you lucky enough you get infusion or bench.
    What esle do you expect, I wonder?
    SW & Istan get you 15-20 gold p/h in lazy mode. That is there not to farm endlessly but to help to get some pocket change.
    PvPer already told you of things you don't know. Maybe you can go try to win Monthly tournaments for better reward?
    Lets see what WvWers will tell or better yet check WvW forum with 'reward'

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  • I play fractals - solid gold reward if you play dailys everyday depending on your luckiness and Tier, occassional ascended drops, Tiered content so unlike raids - players build up to the max challenge content, achievements, and very cool skin drops for the fashion obsessed. You're not going to be daddy warbucks - but you wont be panhandling for money to waypoint either. I play with the same groups of people regularly and don't have to worry about pugging. Tends to be almost salt free compared to PvP and WvW, like PvP can use grandmaster marks to buy stats selectible ascended gear, and asceneded trinkets (pristine relics), as well as give you the ability to get infusions which give agaony resistatce and a stat bonus. The real endgame content of GW2 is hanging out with your friends, dancing, laughing together on discord, dressing your characters up for festivals, being silly, and generally hanging out for awhile then running on a whim to kill gorseval slow break because one of your friends wants to see if he has gotten his rotation down well enough, or helping someone get through story missions or kill balthazar.

  • once you get the idea reward earning is easy. i can farm 40-50g even without meta farming and amalgam gems everyday i f i want . i just casually hang out ,chat with guildies, do some raids, craft some legendary armors/weapons or play the story (cause i didn't rush to finisht it). once you get into a good guild it changes things and make them interesting. I've seen people even friends rushing stories and stuff focusing only one aspect of the game and they feel like bored and they give up. I like MMO cause i get to meet new people, interact with them, compete with them(like pvp) or do some casual chit chat during meta, as long as you dont prioritize rewards you will enjoy this game for sure.

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