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Still runes of durability for WvW?

Hey all. Been away a couple of months. I used to run SB with marauder gear and the above runes. I've noticed they've been changed are there better ones now like soldier etc? Cheers.


  • They are still okay. I run the exact same comp still, with some zerker+cavalier accessories. Basically traded some boon uptime for 10% hp. If you run Moa stance you wont notice the difference that much in combat. Some of more experienced rangers here mentioned that Runes of Speed were good as well. For zerker, Runes of Scholar are even more constant now.

  • Ah runes of speed? I'll try them out as well as leadership. Thanks.

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    I like pack for power and boon duration for my Boonbeast mostly cuz I’m to scrubby to offord durability or other runes lol