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Major FPS issues - FIXED (for some)

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edited December 13, 2018 in Account & Technical Support

EDIT I fixed this by removing ARCDPS. I apologize, my bad. I meant to try this while troubleshooting my FPS and it slipped my mind trying everything else. FPS is back to where it should be after removing ARCDPS.

My frames are terrible as of this newest patch. Or, should I say, worse than normal for GW2.

I'm running an intel core i5 4670, GeForce GTX 1070, 16gb RAM on windows 10 with a 2k monitor. My other games are running fine.

I'm getting 15~ FPS in all areas I tested (PvP lobby is especially bad, Noble's Folly, Istan) and my FPS doesn't change at all between best performance and best appearance. I checked my nvidia utility to confirm GW2 is indeed running off the 1070. Nothing is overheating. None of my system resources are maxing.


I would love to enjoy the new patch, but I can't with this kind of performance. Multiple guild mates are reporting the same FPS drop.


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