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Birthday Party&Autism day

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6th Burthday in game& Official Announcent Autism day

Autism day will be for everyone! It will be in game 3rd time! With team we prepare events + giveaways!
We will make a Quaagan Waddle tooOoo!
This will be on EU. At NA still havent leader!

Start this Birthday will be at 17.30 CET or 15.30 ST! EU SIDE!
We will start a dinner in Lions Arch! Yummy! After we can listen some music,I hope someone play music for us(I am still bad) or can play during our dinner time!

After we will go race.We can try Bettle race, mount race or another race. I am not sure if I will give to winner something! :D

Togethr we will go kill Claw of Jormag, but during Wintersday do many,many,many there could be a lag!

You can prepare for me some surprise!!
Bring many,many present too !! :D

This will happen 22.12 (Saturday)
So I hope you wil can come and enjoy this time!!

Contact: Mischel.6274
EU SIDE!!!!!