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What new stat sets do you want to see?



  • @melandru.3876 said:
    condition damage

    condi-variant of the now meta-diviner

    why precision and not power some may ask?
    on crit chance to inflict condi x traits are more dps then an increase in power.

    this would be a good set for renegade, chrono and druids

    Condition damage
    Expertise would be a condi diviner version. Expertise minor is way better because its much easier to replace vipers that way until preferred boon duration is reached.

  • @syszery.1592 said:
    Major: Power
    Minor: Power + Ferocity

    (only two stats) <3 <3

    'Brute' stats?
    Sounds apt.

  • Stat nerds, please comment on my 'Resolve' attribute idea.

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