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[EU] [PvE/Fracs/Raids] The Exiled Gentlemen | UK based/EU Main Social Guild (18+)

Morning, Evening or Afternoon

We are The Exiled Gentlemen; a Discord (voice) heavy, social guild that plays primarily PvE content but has a strong foothold in sPvP and WvW.

We are a voice chat social guild that likes to promote voice chat and general "banter" within a safe community, where you can speak your mind with little scrutiny and engage with many like-minded players of the game. Voice chat/Discord is our main medium of communication and we expect members to often come on for a chat and get to know everyone!

We assumed our "Exiled Gentlemen" persona in early 2018 off the back of a relatively successful guild we managed. In a bid to diversify, we have traveled across various games, with the priority being on keeping our sense of community strong. Finding ourselves ill fit for some of the existing communities we had short stints within the past, it seemed time to create our own; to welcome the like-minded 'exiled' gentlemen and female gentlemen (yes we know the actual term is gentlewomen-men). We are now a home for the 'exiled', a space we believe is occupied by those who aren't "fluffy" enough for the 'milkdrinkers', or sweaty enough for the full professional E-Sport experience. We are the shield which guards against the 'this game is a job' mentality and the sword which cuts through the Hello Kitty convention consort. We are the Exiled................ though some would call us gentlemen.

We are running daily fractals and are open to doing raids in the future - most of us are relatively experienced with raids but have taken a step back to enjoy the finer things in GW2.

We run Guild missions and often have mini-events with prizes throughout the week (primarily Sundays) and offer a wide range of daft content for everyone to come join.

We accept members of all skill levels from Newbies to Toxic Elitest, all are welcome. We do not discriminate and welcome men, women and Apache Helicopters from all walks of life.

We will be looking into a raid static too at some point but not until the new year!

We also dabble in some Youtube, streaming and media content, and will happily expand our retinue of talented members, if you are that way inclined, this content will be posted on our website for all to enjoy!

Anyhow if you are interested and like the cut of our jib; feel free to whisper us in game ^-^ or look at our new shiny website :O


NB- No silly sign up form on our website as previously advised: "We are the shield which guards against the 'this game is a job' mentality"

Look forward to hearing from you.

Divcdk.8402 (The Scottish guy)
Fieldburn.2810 (The Swedish One!)


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