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[EU] [PvE] Raiding Endjinn (END) is looking for new or experienced players

We are a guild focused on different types of PvE content and on having fun together!

The guild
We are a guild with players from all over Europe who focus on full raid clears, raid challenge motes (CM) and fractals. Our members are differently active in these three types of content and of different experience levels. We have people who are new to raids, returning players and people who regularly spend time in the training area to optimize their class and aim to set records in raids.
We have experienced players who can help you get into the raid scene or to help you understand your class better.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for all kinds of players. Whether you just want a full clear in raids, do fractal CM’s or tryhard some CM raids to gain the top rewards, you are welcome.
Our only requirements are:

  1. You are signing up for raids in advance so we know who is attending.
  2. You understand basic English so that we can communicate and organize the raids.
  3. You are open to feedback and improvement, as our guild wants to help each other progress on all fronts.
  4. You participate in some of our activities, as shown in the schedule below.

Schedule (server time)
- Main raid days on Monday (7pm-10pm) and Sunday (7pm-10pm). That means that we do full clears in 6h split up into two days.
- All other days are almost always raiding days too (7pm-10pm), dedicated for doing wings to people who can’t do raids on Monday and Sunday and also to organize CM’s.
- Everyday is a fractal clear day, either before or after the raid time (CM+T4).

How to reach us?
If you want more information or are interested in joining us, send an in-game mail to me (Selkies.8295) or to Zerozell.7635
You can also contact me on discord (Selkies#1260)


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