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eternal coliseum bug

i keep get disconnected only on this specific map some time one if few days, so annoying because losing my ranked rating kitten

last time was 2 mins ago check it if possible

i have no problems with my connection and this issue is only happens sometimes on eternal coliseum


  • added: got dc again, ty for -14 and ban for ranked for half hour
    fix ur game

  • xiao.2614xiao.2614 Member ✭✭
    edited December 20, 2018

    ok now its very consistent
    every eternal coliseum i cant load even and got my 3 desertion today
    like hello anyone here? help
    i did ticket also ignored
    its only this map with problems and i did restart router and such
    f.a.q doesnt help also

    added: also give back rating from desertions its not my cause

  • Aaralyna.3104Aaralyna.3104 Member ✭✭✭

    It may be just on your side as nobody else is reporting this.

    Try a game repair (in case of corrupted files) and a game cache clear. See

    As for the ticket, there is still a backlog I think so wait up to 2 weeks (and check if you got the automated response in your mailbox, if not, your ticket didn't get through).

    Also check if its your hardware kicking you (graphics or cpu), error messages may help if you got any.

    If you enter any pvp map, you may want to avoid crowded places (like Divinity Reach atm) as place to register for pvp and come back to. Rather start from a less crowded place.

    Hope this helps a little :)

  • i tried almost everything
    repairing also not working restarting routeer too
    its only this pvp map not loading and then dc me
    only eternal coliseum unranked ranked no matter
    right now i palyed 5 matches in a row in unranked then got coliseum and game disconnected me
    so angry rn kitten

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