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[EU][PvE] Celestial Bunnies [bun] new casual guild looking for more friends :D

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Celestial Bunnies is a casual PvE guild looking for some friendly people of any experience level to chill with us in Tyria!

Currently we have around 70 lovely members and looking to keep growing :)

Discord is a MUST, as this is where I do all communication outside of the game, and where all the planning for events goes. No need to talk in voice if you are shy, just be willing to join to keep up with the annoucements in the text channels.

Guild missions Saturday 8pm gmt
Newbies fractals Friday 7pm gmt
Screenshot contests every fortnight
Raid Trainings Sunday 3pm gmt

If you have any questions or want to join, please message Pathogems.4038 in game or Pathie#3139 on Discord

DO NOT reply here because chances are i won't read it in time


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