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All I want for Christmas - Engineer backpack skins

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The day was June 23, 2015. The last big patch before the release of Heart of Thorns, it gave us a huge core professions overhaul, in preparation for the first generation of elite specializations.

It also upgraded the visuals for engineer kits, removing the classic kit packs.

We were told these would return as back item skins some day. However, three and a half years later, we're still waiting. It's obvious they forgot about them at some point, not unlike the revenant weapons. What better time to remember them than Christmas?

Bomb Pack

Elixir Pack

Flame Pack

Health Pack

Mine Pack

  • Used with the scrapped Mine Kit.
  • Survived as a skin through the Universal Multitool Pack, available through a biography option in the character creation menu.

Unknown name

Note that the Elite Mortar Kit never had a backpack of its own, because it wasn't a kit before.

So, how do we bring them back? The easiest solution is to reintroduce them as back item skins, by adding them through a karma merchant. Just make sure they're easily available, since making them too expensive or hard to acquire would invalidate the point of letting people easily use them again.

Alternatively, we could get a new mechanic customization option, not unlike rangers and their pet customization menu, that would let engineers use different skins for their kits. For example, Sabetha's Boomstick and Crucible as a flamethrower kit skin, or Horrik's Cannon as a mortar skin. In this new menu, engineer players would be able to turn the kit backpack visuals on and off too.

That's it for me! Have a happy Christmas, and let's hope we get to see these packs back some day!

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