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Mesmer in PvE?

I was thinking of making a "power" mesmer for PvE (I don't want to be a boon bot).

Are they welcomed with open arms, or will people tell me to respec?

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  • Klipso.8653Klipso.8653 Member ✭✭✭✭

    You will be expected to boon. But with the recent changes you may have competition with FB/renegade.

    Though even as a boon bot you can dps, use commanders gear

    -Balwarc [ICoa]

  • kasoki.5180kasoki.5180 Member ✭✭✭

    Power chronomancer is more than valid dps build in PvE.

    You can try "old" chronphantasma build and gear yourself into berserker/assassin gear. Or try new danger time build and go full berserker.

  • Power mesmer (pchrono) is not ‘optimal’ but still insanely strong in its own way, just don’t expect to get accepted by serious groups very easily (ones that ask for ultra-specific requirements).

    One thing you’ll have to deal with is that people will likely assume you’re playing sup chrono, unless you tell them directly. Even then, you’ll have to prove yourself that you are decent dps, and you may be asked to still do some mesmer specific things because... mesmer :frown:

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  • Safandula.8723Safandula.8723 Member ✭✭✭✭

    With fb/Rev comp on fotms, p chrono is good for skips.
    On raids pchrono is good, but as someone told above, u need to tell ur dps with big letters, or commander will look for dps instead of chrono.

  • Been trying to play power chrono since patch. It's dps is good in the average pug and has a very easy rotation and works well in any middle tier raid group. Probably wont be accepted in 1k + LI runs though as its benchmarks not quite there.

    My main problem came from low LI groups who dont read/listen when i tell them 5x over that im dps then kick because i wont reroll to support. You get a surprising amount of these in low LI groups on EU.

  • Nepster.4275Nepster.4275 Member ✭✭✭

    Mesmer as a boon bot? lol
    But srsly, the power chrono build is kinda nice, and since you upkeep might and quickness on yourself, its kind of easier to play when you have bad supports but the rotation is hard, or well, hard for some.
    There is 2 main builds of pChrono one is with sw/sw+sw/f this build is keeping up quickness for itself to some aspect and for me its more reliable, then there is the gs+sw/sw this is not using the illusions trait so you wont get quickness for yourself.
    These builds have 2 variations, the IA(Improved Alac) and DT(Danger Time), for the IA builds you need to go almost full assassins to cap crit chance and with assassin gear you lose DPS, with DT builds you can go full berserker(iirc) BUT for that to work you need 100% Slow uptime on the enemy and you dont really get that in fractals.
    So there is a viable power chrono build, and it is working good but the rotation is hard because you need to time it well, and also your teammates need to know what they are doing, since you will be using your heal skill as DPS increase so you will not have any.

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