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[NA] [WvW] MAS - Might and Smarts - looking for fun, competitive WvW players

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[MAS]- Might and Smarts - is a strong and stable community of player friends with a 7 year history in WvW, formed on T1 Blackgate, we currently are playing on Anvil Rock server.
We are dedicated to fielding an exceptional fight team in WvW, that is a recognized and lethal force able to punch above our weight, make a strong contribution to any server we are a part of, and earn the respect of our opponents.

Who we're looking for:

Competitive, experienced with similar teams, willing to work in a structured team, and motivation around developing themselves in WvW.
We will invite players who are relatively new to WvW with the right commitment, motivation or prior experiences.

About Us

We've been in WvW for 7 years, moving from T1 Blackgate to other servers and links for more variety of play, and to improve our performance in the field.
Friendly, 18+ adult community with zero tolerance for drama or toxicity.
Good fit for people who want to excel at competitive play without the screaming, yelling, edgy, or toxic environment.
Our members are mainly veteran WvW players, but we're open to players beginning their WvW development if we're the right match.
We run a set class composition, builds, and team coordination.
We offer class mentoring and training.
It's expected that you'll work to understand both your class and it's role in our composition, how to fight with the team, and develop a core understanding of WvW - both independently and with our help.

Great community of player friends where our fun comes from seeing our coordination pay off in the field.

Located: Anvil Rock server

How to Contact

To learn more, or apply:
Visit our website: https://mas4eva.enjin.com or reach out in game or via discord to:

Remaran.2963/Ashara#8159 or

Pensadora.9478 /PRE#9350

We look forward to welcoming you to the guild!


  • MAS was such a great find for me when I was looking for a guild and it's been an awesome home ever since. I really love coordinated and competitive PvP/WvW with larger groups, have done throughout a long history of MMOs. There's a stereotype of behaviour in those kind of guilds which can put a lot of people off who are more than capable of playing at a higher level (it's a stereotype, there are plenty of exceptions but there's also no smoke without fire!). I'm very happy to attest to the fact that MAS is not only really competitive and structured but is not the stereotypical high performing PvP/WvW guild in terms of culture and behaviour - it's grown up, welcoming and friendly whilst also being focused and effective.

    I may be biased but if you talk to us I think you'll find my comments are validated.

    Looking forward to hearing from some of you and ultimately playing with some of you, reach out!

  • I joined MAS over a year ago now, having already played for 2 years. Before them, I stayed far away from PvP and WvW, but the leaders and mentors really know how to understand exactly where your skill level is and help you improve. They are excellent at making anyone who has the commitment an excellent fight team member, which translates to being excellent at PvP in general and being excellent at teamwork. I would very highly recommend MAS to any new or returning player looking for a guild that they can start with and stay with, or for any more experienced players who want to find other high caliber team members who aren't incredibly pressuring or elitist.

    Big shout out to MAS, and I hope to see some of you guys in our ranks!

  • Joined MAS 2 years ago and it was the best decision I’ve made in game. The community is fantastic and my performance has vastly improved. It’s easy to trust their commanders when they lead and communication within the guild is top notch.

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    We've been having fun. Check us out!

  • Organized and effective, lots of fun to run with

  • MAS is great fun with a great community and leadership. We quickly adapt to game and field changes with an emphasis on everyone's contribution as a team, in a way that never ceases to amaze me with the results of WvW fights telling the rest of the story. Great guild. See our videos....

  • Bumped so you can check us out, and that 15 character thing that's required.

  • Gliding in to bump this thread so you can check us out!

  • I had been playing GW2 for a number of years and have been in a number of guilds that eventually fell apart before finding MAS. I have been with MAS for roughly a year now and it is my home. I had been playing WvW before joining MAS but I never really had any guidance on improving as a player. I joined MAS with a medium amount of WvW knowledge as a starting point. Working with the class mentors and commanders in MAS I have greatly improved myself as a player not only in WvW but in the game in general and 100% understand my role and what I am contributing to our group when we raid in WvW. This guild is amazing whether you have never stepped foot into WvW and wanted to or if you are a veteran on the game mode looking for a group of people to play with who are also doing everything they can to make sure they bring their A game every time and put in the preparation to make sure they are performing their best out on the field. Even though we are a mainly WvW focused guild we also like to do other modes together such as spvp or fractals. If any of this interests you I would highly recommend checking us out, details are below.



    In Game Contacts:
    Pre Nism
    Soopa Troupa

  • Check us out!

  • I've been with MAS for almost 2 years. Its a great community to be a part of and we are always striving to do out best out in WvW. Check us out.

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    Soon to be my 4 year anniversary with MAS. From when we were hitting garrison's back door with 4 people to sneak cap it to pushing map queues back into their spawn with 40. From when 3 alpine BLs were the thing to when 3 desert BLs were a thing to gliding to the soon to be Warclaw.

    We take ourselves seriously. We constantly strive to improve. And we accidentally run off cliffs together. And now we can ride together. Come find out what it's all about.

  • MAS is a community of players all motivated to improve game play and be part of a positive, supportive community. Our leadership pushes us to strive for higher goals while offering training and mentorship to do so. We have veteran wvw players and also those new to the wvw experience. Join us! Make new friends, have fun and enjoy the ride!

  • Anvil Rock open for transfers now, check us out!

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    Whether you are completely new to WvW or a veteran looking for the right guild, you need not look further than MAS. A group of great members who actively work with you to make you the best player you can be with a positive attitude in all situations, and willing to help get you there in any way possible. I can see MAS being the last guild I'll ever have to join for the remainder of my GW2 adventures. Don't believe me? Come find out what you've been missing!

  • Getting back to WvW?
    Like to work with teams in a non-toxic, competitive and friendly, motivated group?
    Check us out! We're still building our team, training new and returning players and having some serious fun around WvW.

  • If you're looking for a friendly and competitive WvW experience, you should definitely join! I've been in MAS since for 7 months, and there's no looking back for me. I love WvW and the people in MAS have helped me get better and improved my overall experience. (Plus everyone's really nice!)

  • New or veteran player looking for a WvW guild with a community, where you can grow and hone your skills? Come check us out!

    Run along side us, join us in comms, or come chat in our discord! We'd love to meet you!

  • MAS Mission: Win fights, have fun, build long-lasting friendships! Check us out!

  • Looking for some people who like serious fun and lots of fights!

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    That is all

  • Still at it in WvW all these years later. Check us out!

  • Still a great guild full of great people, if you're looking for a really fun and friendly WvW focused guild you won't go wrong talking to MAS. Their longevity speaks for itself.

  • Hi, just bought PoF. i am new. did not started WvW yet.


  • Time for a bump. Check us out. Running NA timezone on Anvil Rock. Willing to train players with the right attitude and commitment who are team players and looking for a solid community of player friends.

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    The first time that I really started to take notice of MAS was when our servers were linked and I was commanding for a different guild. I was about to withdraw from a fight after suffering losses when I saw their tag coming towards us. This turned the tide of battle and we were able to completely wipe the enemy zerg. After that, we started to work together when we could and even merged our groups for some runs when my own group was low on numbers. This really helped me get a sense of who they were and I knew where I wanted to be when I needed a change. And, in October of this year, I'll have been with MAS for 2 years.

  • Just recently came back to the game, saw that MAS was still running and joined up. Amazing group of people to play with and many bags to be had, please come join us in the fun if you're on AR and need a guild!!!

  • 1 Year member here.

    The first time I tried to play WvW I found a rather toxic climate with little tolerance towards new players.
    This led me to abandon this game mode for several years until one day I gave it a second chance and that's where I met MAS.

    If I had to describe the qualities of this group in 5 words it would be:

    • Experienced
    • Friendly
    • Powerful
    • Helpful
    • FUN

    No matter if you're experienced or brand new, join us and become a legend!

    Also, free potato with your application.

  • Come run with MAS in WvW. Experienced and new players welcome. Training, mentorship, friendships, fun and BAGS! Lots and lots of bags. We also offer plenty of bad jokes, occasional musical entertainment and cookies! If you're looking for a guild home without toxicity check us out! Running NA timezone on Anvil Rock.

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    Last night the Anvil Rock server opened up to transfers once more. If you're interested in learning more about us and potentially transferring to our server, please check us out at https://mas4eva.enjin.com/. Once you have submitted an application, we will schedule a time to have a chat with our leadership team to give you a chance to ask any questions that you may have and give us a chance to learn a little more about you. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • I have been with MAS for just over a month. Prior to that I was running with pugs that just screamed "mess em up" when entering combat. MAS is the complete opposite. They, dare I say we, are a very chill WvW guild in that respect. Though, that's not to say we don't get results. The fights are organized with direction on where to focus efforts and move. Constructive feedback is given each raid on how to improve your gameplay throughout the night as well as a review after.

    The leaders are even willing to look at gameplay recordings to see your rotations and skills you may not be utilizing. Case in point, I was struggling with cleanses, then they pointed out I was missing one big skill (doh!). Now I'm able to keep up most fights (not that it's a competition).

    Anyway. Join MAS. Have fun. Win.

    Oh ya. /dance

  • Giving a bump here. I've been with MAS for about 6 weeks now and echo everyone praising them in previous posts. Everyone has been nice and welcoming but still has a focus on improving and being competitive.

    I was also told that this guild SPECIFICALLY stops to gather leather, which was really the tipping point in me applying :P

  • I joined MAS on June 2nd whenever AR finally opened up for transfers. Since then, my time in MAS has been exactly what I was looking for. I've been in competitive WvW guilds where everyone is super stressed out. Commanders are yelling at people. People are constantly frustrated, and no one is actually having a good time. I've also been in those WvW guilds where it is just run whatever you want, and we'll just have fun. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those two styles of guilds, but getting yelled at gets old and no one likes getting farmed for bags. MAS strikes a perfect balance between competitiveness and fun. Each night we run, we're out there first and foremost to have fun. But we are also constantly striving to get better. So if you want to get better at WvW and have fun while doing it, check us out.

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    If you've been interested in joining us or getting onto the Anvil Rock server, now would be your chance as Anvil Rock is no longer full. However, we have no way to tell how long this status may last!

  • I joined the guild about 2 months ago now. It's got a nice group of people that know how to play the game, get into some great fights, farm some bags all while not being super hard core. You should check us out if you want to get a nice group of people to play WvW in!

  • While Anvil Rock may currently be full, it likely won't stay that way as populations tend to shift around. The current workaround to this would be to use the server linked to Anvil Rock to be able to play with our fight team. The server linking will last two months. Aside from the server randomly opening, the most likely time for the server to open would be close to the new linking (before and/or after it happens). If you have any questions about us, please reach out to Pre, myself or join our Discord. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • I've been apart of MAS for just about two months. I have to say that this is a serious WvW guild, but everyone is so nice. The knowledge given out is indispensable . During our runs there is great leading and communication. Check out MAS if you want to join a fantastic group of people.

  • AR has become open once more. If you've been considering joining MAS or getting on Anvil Rock, this may be your opportunity to do so.

  • Joined MAS around 4 months ago (what even is time anymore in 2020) and have been having a blast!! Super fun, chill, and great group of people to play with! Strikes the perfect balance for me of relaxed and hard-core. Very medium Core!!
    MAS is a WvW focused guild first, but there are players that do Fractals and Raids as well. We all help each other when we can to get gear, learn a raid, or just getting a mount!!

    NA on Anvil Rock (AR). WvW [MAS], PvE, PvP, and raids
    Excelsior Longfello (Mesmer)
    Woodshavings (Ranger)
    Azulon Lee (Guradian)

  • Around what time do you guys do your scheduled events?

  • @RioPrayogo.6514 said:
    Around what time do you guys do your scheduled events?

    I know this response is super late. My apologies for that. Having said that, we currently have WvW runs on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday starting around 7 pm Central Time. We have been doing some havoc on Friday nights as well. Also, we would encourage anyone that has questions or interest in the guild to join our Discord at https://discord.gg/uAVSmz9Ehg as we may miss a respond to this thread.

  • Hey everyone!!

    I joined MAS a while, one of the best guild or if not the BEST guild i have ever been it. I been playing Gw2 since the beginning, and these guy are just AWESOME peeps. If you love to do WvW this would be your guild, they welcome openly and we are a fun but structured! We like to practice so we can take on bigger group then us, it always fun. The leaders of the guild are great people and if you are interested please hit them up and come join us!! :)

  • AR is currently open to transfers if that was one of your concerns when considering our guild. We don't know how long that will last, though.

  • I'm jumping in here to bump this thread, MAS is an awesome community and I've had a blast with them in WvW! <3