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[SUGGESTION] Alpha Beetle - revert changes

Originally the Alpha Beetle was a normal mob, but because it died so quickly, those who were trying to get their Beetle collection found it an issue. ANET changed the Beetle to be a Champion mob so the mass of players would have more time to land a hit. That is no longer the issue. That area is no longer swarming with players looking to kill the beetle for the collection. Please revert the changes.

Every other component to the beetle collection that requires group support is just fine. There are always people around to farm Mark II Golem, the Anomaly, Spider Queen or the Kourna meta. Only the Alpha Beetle is an issue, as while there are always players running around Silverwastes, they are not hitting the zone where the beetle spawns, and are instead focusing on completing the meta and looting bandit boxes.

I completed the collection the other night, but that one component was far more difficult than it needed to be. The change to Champion was a solution to a problem that no longer exists, and now it creates a problem in of itself.


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