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[EU][WvW] Mysteries of the Mother Tree [Pale]

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[Pale] is a small relaxed WvW guild and we're recruiting friendly players that want to make great friends, improve their play style and learn about WvW. We are recruiting experienced and inexperienced players that want to get into WvW and players that are already focussed on WvW but want an awesome friend group to roam with :)

About Us

We're a small roaming/havoc guild based on Gandara. We’re a tight knitted group of friends who enjoy everything about WvW, goofing around and making terrible star wars jokes... We’re looking for more friends to join us and cause mischief on the borderlands. We are a newish guild having only formed in the first half of 2018, but we've worked hard and managed to nearly complete our guild hall upgrades. We're focussed on WvW as our main game mode and often roam in groups flipping camps/towers/keeps etc. We also have a few people who regularly play PvP and PvE Raids. We're a diverse group coming from all over Europe so don't be shy :) (Yes we're obsessed with Sylvari :P )

Lets help Gandara
As mentioned we are based on the Gandara server and we are prideful and proud to be a part of it, but we have noticed that there are a lot of new players on our server and we want to help make WvW enjoyable for them. To help our server, we are opening our doors to people that want to get into WvW. We are by no means the world’s best players but we can teach new players about WvW and how to improve.

What We Can Give You

  • Guidance on how to improve your WvW play style.
  • Builds that work in WvW.
  • Guild Events including organised havoc groups, commander lead WvW raids, Guild Lottery, and of course the most popular thing in Guild Wars 2, Guild Missions!
  • A friendly relaxed environment where you can train and ask questions (no matter how noob :P) via discord, guild chat etc
  • All the advantages of our Guild Hall, The Windswept Haven, such as XP potions, nodes, scribing station, arena, portal etc

What we expect from you

  • Be active. if you plan on being away for a while let us know
  • Be friendly and get involved. We don't bite but we are a friend group and silent players can sometimes make things awkward
  • Be proud to be a part of us, 100% rep is preferred when in WvW
  • Be supportive, appreciate that we are still growing and help us do so.
  • Although no experience in WvW is needed, we ask that you understand the mechanics of your main profession. From here we can help you find the build for you :)

More info such as rules will be given once you join and receive your "Welcome Pack". If you're interested mail me or the other leaders:

In game: Josh.4132, LailaRosetti.6283, Kodarashi.9543
Discord: Axel moon (Josh)#6270, Laila (Bunny Queen)#6031, Kodarashi#5310


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