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What's the class that will allow me to jump into an enemy-zerg?

TwiceDead.1963TwiceDead.1963 Member ✭✭✭

Okay, I am up for doing some stupid plays, It's just the season for it.

What's the class that will allow me to jump straight into an enemy-zerg, do my somewhat decent damage uninterrupted for 4-6 seconds-ish, then die a glorious death?
At first I thought Scrapper! It allowed me to do that for a time when double elixirs were a thing, and even escape!

But then I thought NO! I am not looking to escape! This is a time for COMMITMENT! Kill the enemy-zerg single-handedly or DIE TRYING!
So yeah. Scrappers out. That leaves Warrior. If I wanted to do these stupid plays semi-successfully(dependingentirelyonhowyoujudgesuccess), I assume Warrior would be best? They have some nice stances. But then, what would by gear be...? More so, what would the BUILD be?! I think Spellbreaker would be good, it has that handy little full-counter, which while it doesn't do much damage, might buy me that additional second to be a nuisance!

Help me out you WvW wiszzards you...

Jokes aside, I want to jump into an enemy-zerg, be a nuisance, do some good for the zerg, and maybe survive afterwards... But honestly the last one isn't a priority.


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