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[NA][PvX] Sentinels of Elona [SoE] Casual Yet Organized

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Sentinels of Elona is a highly organized PvX guild with events planned for all aspects of the game. We have multiple events almost every single day (We had 773 events in 2018) with no pressure to join if you don't want to. Our leadership does a massive amount of organizing behind the scenes to allow all of our members to enjoy a casual gaming experience with the new friends they make with us. We take veteran and new players. If you're looking for a relaxed place to make new friends and enjoy all content that Guild Wars 2 has to offer than this may be the place for you! Please send an in game mail to Arcadius.1247 for an invite! Please include your account name in the mail. Thank you. Ex. username.1234

-We have an active Discord

-400+ active members (70-100 online every night)

-Rotating Guild Halls

-Art Contests

-Fashion Wars

-Fractals & dungeons

-HP trains

-Meta nights

-Bounty Night

-Guild Missions

-WvWing Groups -- (HoD Main)

-Raid Training & Static Groups

-World boss train

-Lottery and Contests


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    To throw in my two pieces of copper, I think this is one of the best active guilds that I've been in. The chat, 9/10 times, is almost always active with helpful people willing to lend that hand, or with civilized conversations. The guildies are versatile in every aspect of the game, ranging in different amounts of knowledge. This guild, I think, is one of the best communities that will forever hold a dear place in your heart. So, for my two pieces of lovely copper, I think joining this guild was the most wonderful choice that I've made.

  • The perfect guild for lost souls who wants the best Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

    Fractals for beginners or T4 for veterans? Sure we got those.

    WvW roaming for the lulz? We got plenty.

    HP trains and PvE open world? Speak up and it shall be given.

    Random guild activities? Buckets.

    Start yur Gw2 adventure with Sentinels of Elona today!

  • I've only been in this guild for a few months, but I have felt at home from the get go. As noted above, there's almost always something going on to join in with, and both new people and veterans alike are made to feel welcome and part of the action. Everyone is encouraged to jump in with every event, but if you're also feeling a little shy or wanting to solo or work on story stuff, you don't have to do more than you want. I've never seen a mean or discouraging comment either in discord or in guild chat, and the overall atmosphere seems very supportive and fun-loving. The community created within SoE has a lot to offer, and there is truly something for everyone here. While I haven't been with them long, I look forward to this being my guild home for a long time to come :)

  • This looks like a lovely guild :) Something I might be very interested in joining . I will send you a in-game mail Arcadius for some question :)

  • Hi folks, I'm a member since I started playing, and I'm enjoying the camaraderie and activities. I can't compare SOE to other guilds, since I didn't really spent any time anywhere else, but I think it's pretty good place. We have weekly guild missions, it's a fun and easy way to earn a few golds and guild commendations. We also have folks running HP/MP trains in Elona and a gentleman who does raid training. Leadership tries to help if a player is in a tight spot, like the last mission in HoT. The guild is very mature, there is no hateful / disrespectful nonsense, which as an older player I do appreciate. Thanks Arc and Spades for running a great community!

  • Thanks to all of you for the nice words! Means a lot.

  • SoE has been one of the best communities I've been a part of, in any game that I've played. The first time I was in the guild, before I had to go inactive for an extended period of time, they were very kind and welcoming. There were a lot of activities to participate in. When I came back to the game, I played a while on my own and felt like I was really missing out on that social aspect of the game. I messaged the leadership of the guild, and they were more than happy to have me back. They are the nicest and most helpful community I have been a part of. Even after returning, there are still plenty of events going on throughout the day, and week. SoE celebrates diversity, and promotes respect and kindness within our community, and out. 10/10 would recommend.

  • SoE is a wonderful guild that I have been apart of since its creation, everyone is kind, friendly, and helpful. There is always events every week no matter what. We almost always have people in discord voice chat. Its just an over all wonderful environment to make great friends! Leadership is great and helpful.

    We also have an Instagram for anyone who is interested. https://www.instagram.com/sentinels_of_elona/

  • If you're looking for friends to make and people to play with, this is definitely the place. I've been in the guild a few months and had more fun with the game in that time than I did in most of the past few years playing. The officers are all incredibly helpful, the events are fun, and it's a blast getting distracted from what you were planning on doing by running into guildmates everywhere and chatting. Feel free to come hang out with us!

  • I was looking to join this guild so i sent an in game mail

  • @DexterWolf.5462 said:
    I was looking to join this guild so i sent an in game mail

    Invite has been sent

  • Great Community, fun people to be around, and just overall a blast to be a part of. I joined this guild on the third day of playing the game, and haven't looked back. Best decision I have done and hope others who have joined and are looking to join enjoy their stay.

  • After being with the guild for about 3 week so far. I have done a lot with Sentinels of Elona then any other guild I've check out before. Going on Guild mission seeing an meeting other players from the guild, guild meeting, world boss. A lovely weekly calendar so you know what event is going happen of that week. In-game an Discord is always active with people to chat with ( I'm slowly working my way to be on voice chat more.) The Community is just wonderful that I can call this guild Home :) an I'm glad I have found this amazing group.

  • Hi There! I'm looking for an invite if you are still recruiting. Thank you in advance.

  • @iCandie.3051 said:
    Hi There! I'm looking for an invite if you are still recruiting. Thank you in advance.

    I will get you an invite right away

  • Bump :D ....

  • Bumping!!!

  • Sentinels of Elona (SoE) has created such a great community, both in and out of game. The leadership of this guild works hard to make everyone's gaming experience fun, easy, and enjoyable. Their events and other activities (e.g., lotteries, parties, and contests) are organized and well run. It's nice that they do training for end-game content, too, like raiding and high tier fractals, in a more casual manner.... Stuff you might not get to try on your own. I've been in this guild for over a year, and it's really been a great experience! Hooray for SoE!

  • Hey there! sent an in game mail! hope it reaches you!! i'd love to join <3

  • @Amyntha.9062 said:
    Hey there! sent an in game mail! hope it reaches you!! i'd love to join <3

    Logging on to send you an invite right now.

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