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[NA][PvX] Rebuild the guild! [havc] is recruiting! Seasoned, friendly players in a casual setting

Aiden Solaine.7536Aiden Solaine.7536 Member ✭✭
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Social, casual guild who just want to have fun. We aren't interested in "filling the ranks". Come hang out with real, live humans (and a moose)!

  • Established GH
  • Weekly missions (currently Saturdays at 8pm EST unless otherwise specified)
  • Bounty trains with a commander
  • Active Discord with voice
  • PvP players
  • Fractal runs with experienced players
  • WvW out of the Devona's Rest Server. Join up with our dedicated WvWers who would love some new company! Hang out regardless of status, newbie or vet.
    We're currently running some WvW after weekly missions for those needing the Warclaw mount or just general experience.

We love to help and have a fun, knowledgeable playerbase. Please feel free to reply here for an invite
whisper/send in-game mail to these characters: AidenSolaine.7536 | bgoodwin.3428
on Discord: Lynnaras#0871 | Renthan719#7440


  • Hi! I'm a new player in NA (east coast U.S.) looking for a guild so I can make some friends, learn more about the game, etc. So far I've only played PvE and done the personal story but I would like to try out the other modes as well. I would love to join if there's room for a new player!

  • There sure is!

  • Cool! So how do I get invited? Do I need to message you in game or something? I'm just not sure how this works, sorry :P

  • You should have gotten an invite last night from one of the officers. If not, please reply me here or send me a message on discord! My discord name is Lynnaras#0871

  • Ah yeah, I got it. I just wasn't really on last night so I didn't see :P Thank you!!

  • We're still on the lookout for new members! Everyone is welcome!

  • I would like to join

  • How is the WvW part of the guild. Returning player and i main Ele and Guard. Use to Drive 20 man Zerg buster back 2013-2015. Looking for a mature active guild. Love all aspects of the game.

  • Wvw is growing. We're on Devonas Rest and we're always looking for more people to play. We don't have a set day at the moment, but we're working on it. We have a group who are always playing though. Feel free to add me on discord, it's easier to see and reply to messages there way faster.

  • @Toluen.1620 said:
    I would like to join

    I'll get you an invite ASAP!

  • @Aiden Solaine.7536 said:

    @Toluen.1620 said:
    I would like to join

    I'll get you an invite ASAP!

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the response! See you in game this evening. TGIF

  • @Opsec SIPR.4039 said:
    Thanks for the response! See you in game this evening. TGIF

    I'll definitely get you an invite. I don't get home until after 8pm est today but if I don't personally send it, I'll get one of the officers to do it. See you then!

  • Thanks got the Invite

  • Hey I sent you a friend request on discord. I wanna join up

  • Ooh ooh pick me! I just sent mail in game but the message was a bit clipped due to me tendency to be particularly verbose and in game mail having a rather agressive character limit. But I am a veteran player returning after a brief hiatus, now looking for a new guild I'm primarily a PvE player with preference to Story, Open World, Dungeons, and fractals (In that order). I have raided in the past and did a fine enough job I guess, but I never really loved doing them.
    Regardless; I also have always loved WvW but never really had a group of people to do it with. Usually I follow the Zerg and hit things, but a couple of times I found myself in a havoc squad and that really what I enjoyed. And as it happens I'm already on the Devonna's Rest server.
    As a person I'm optimistic, friendly, a bit sarcastic, and generally good natured. I think this guild would be a good fit for me and I'm willing to give a it a shot to see how it fits.

  • Hey! I will definitely shoot you an invite as soon as I get on today!

  • Samson.2148Samson.2148 Member
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    I'm a returning player from 2012 and I'm looking for a guild that's into pvp. I have to pretty much learn the game over again because It's been so long since I played. I have an 80 warrior and 80 thief (named Rampager Relic and Rampager Bishop) I'd like to join you guys if you'll have me. I think I'll have to do a server transfer since I'm not on Devona's Rest.

  • Hey! That's great, I will have an invite out to you also. We love having people, both new and old.

  • We're still recruiting! Anyone interested in WvW events, we will be playing at 8pm EST tonight. Come hang out!

  • Missions tonight, followed by some WvW content! Come hang out!