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help me decide Guardian or Mesmer

i kinda struggle to choose between those two. what do you think i should take ?


  • SunTzu.4513SunTzu.4513 Member ✭✭✭

    Hard to choose for you. Best way would be asking yourself: What's the more fun class design? What's your prefered game mode? Wich elite specs does more appeal to you? Heavy armor or light armor fashion wars?

  • Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 8, 2019

    Do you like tricky/sneaky gameplay? Mesmer.

    Do you like tanky, attack blocking gameplay? Guardian.

    But if you like what you've seen on both, just level one first, then the other. It's good to have a second character to play to change up your style.

  • Make both and take each one into the PVP lobby. there you can test it out with max level and equipment

  • Sorem.9157Sorem.9157 Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 9, 2019

    Take mesmer and you will forever be the most broken and also hated spec.

    If i could go back in time 6 years ago and picked mesmer instead of guardian, i would.

    Stupid child sorem who always enjoyed the paladin type classes. Why can't you just play what is OP?

    In a more serious note, mesmer has the potential to play builds with high dps but also has the chronomancer setup which is practically mandatory for every PvE content, which means you'll have a secured role, as they are not very easy to find compared to other classes. In PvP, mesmers currently can be one of the strongest professions with condition mirage and strong node-holders with chronobunker. They are also the strongest solo roamers for WvW. The downside is that it is not meta for big zerg fights (definetly still very good though, since it can be quite disruptive with Gravity Well and has plenty of boon support)

    Guardian in the otherhand is quite versatile. It is one of the strongest "burst" classes for PvE with Dragonhunter and can also play both support healer and dps builds with Firebrand specialization. Metaboys don't usually like support firebrand though, despite alone being a better healer than druid, a chrono can usually cover druids weakness, making them a stronger combo for organized groups than what a firebrand/chrono or a firebrand/renegade would be. For PvP guardians usually play either core base guardian with big glass cannon builds or support oriented builds with Firebrand. There are variations such a more bruisery Dragonhunter or Radiance Firebrand, which is a more dps oriented firebrand build with still tons of support. The first two are much more commonly used though. For WvW, the firebrand is essential. It can provide insane support (the kind that is needed for WvW), providing big aoe heals, projectile denial, stability, quickness, toughness, etc for a big number of people. For solo/smallscale, dragonhunter is a very viable specialization but not nearly as effective as a mirage would be. Mobility is key for roaming, and whilst DH has very little of this, mirage has truckloads. Firebrand can be used for roaming aswell but it is not nearly as common.

  • mrauls.6519mrauls.6519 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Sorem.9157 said:
    Take mesmer and you will forever be the most broken and also hated spec.

    If i could go back in time 6 years ago and picked mesmer instead of guardian, i would.

    I feel the SAME exact way lol. My character name is even "Mes" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL