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Can we have unique abilities show their cooldown? & Icons in general

Ruufio.1496Ruufio.1496 Member ✭✭✭
edited January 7, 2019 in PVP

For example, when you trigger the engineer trait streamlined kits, the icon disappears from your bar. Can we have this changed so that it stays and shows the countdown for the cooldown? And do this for all such abilities including runes such as magnetic aura from earth runes.

But then icon tooltips need an update in general because there are a lot of them. I don't need to know (or care, really) that my opponent has spotter or that warrior power trait affecting him. Put all such stat boosts in one drop down tooltip or something. Call them auras if you want and then throw all "auras" in there (vampiric, spotter, etc.)

Would also be nice if boons had a static faded overlay when you have none but when you do the boons are in the exact same spot everytime rather than moving all over the screen. Line the static overlay from boon removal priority as well starting from first to last for quality of life. Do similar for conditions and condition removal.


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