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FA Weaver thoughts?

What are your thoughts on FA weaver? Do you think it's viable? I'm looking for another profession besides my thief and FA weaver is really fun imo. I played like 50 unranked now but I'm still not sure if I acctually help (carry) my team or not (sure unranked is pretty dumb to build an opinion on your team impact but I don't want to ruin my rank xD). I deal some amazing burst damage and drop enemys instantly but if even one good enemy's up my kitten I'm pretty useless because I have to use everything to survive. There's also the problem with condis, scourges are no problem but mesmers are pure nightmare. Do you see a place for FA weaver in todays meta?


  • Abelisk.4527Abelisk.4527 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    To add on to above, RIP Elements of Rage (barely any synergy with Zerk amulet), RIP Plasma Beam, and RIP Sigil of Air (I miss this sigil now, the fx looked really good with air 2 and 3 and Elec Discharge)

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    Scepter fresh air is very underperforming against all classes, compare with all "burst"/glass cannon build (Mesmer/mirage, Thief, ranger,...)
    Because of what steki explains (less dmg, less sustain, less kites etc) and despite they up some scepter skills dmg, air skills are weak dmg, dual attacks are weak and interruptable (by foe, but also by you, don't spam your keys in panic... a bit like staff, not very convenient in pvp). In WvW this is worst, fire skills (and shatterstone(pls buff dmg+572%)) are totally useless because no one need to stand in a area.

    You can try with sword (sword/focus) it gives some tools to survive ( water #2 earth#2 + focus) and try to place quantum strike often, the superspeed can help you to stick the enemy.

  • Eddbopkins.2630Eddbopkins.2630 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    This is my fa build. Does good damage if the combo is set up properly. Pheniox into plasma beam into double air is my go to combo upon entering a fight. With stone resonance you can have upto 15k extra hp for a few seconds to help absorb almost any burst.

    But once that is gone i need to dip out till noth charges are off cool down.

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