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EU [MnD] Semi HC Raid Guild Recruiting

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Who are we?
Memes and Dreams [MnD] is a (Semi) HC Raid Guild and exists since Summer 2018.
We do mostly Full Clears or from time to time also Fractals. We're 3 Leaders and currently around 16 Members in total. Not all of us active tho cause of the lack of Raid content unfortunately. Most of us have experienced Raids since release. But we still put effort in getting people for a clear together :)
We're looking for more passionate, active and experienced players.

What can you expect

  • Weekly Full Clears at least once per Week
  • Full Clear (w1-w6) in less than 3h
  • no toxicity

What do we expect from you

  • We mainly look for a main Druid atm or just Multiclass! (you should be able to perform multiple roles confidently on all encounters) It would be nice if you're an allrounder but its not nessecary :)
  • 18+ Age
  • Discord and ability to communicate in english
  • Full Clear (w1-w6) Experience
  • Meta awareness (always up tp date)
  • SC level benchmark
  • good mechanic awareness (we run mostly 1 healer)

Then message me, Cira (creepyXtina.2560) here or ingame. :)
We will send you a link to apply and invite you to our discord, have a chat and trial you. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We're looking forward to meet you o/


  • Still recruiting :)

  • Hey we're still looking for peeps :)

  • i am def interested. im just coming back to the game. willing to play and learn whatever is needed :D

  • Sakiel.8451Sakiel.8451 Member
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    I have the gear to do druid healer, not a ton of exp in raids but some. Beat VG once and lots of attempts at other wings. Mostly done WvW up till now but, I'd love to do raids more seriously. I'm NA but my guild is planning on Xfering to EU soon anyway.