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EU [MnD] Semi HC Raid Guild Recruiting

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Who are we?
Memes and Dreams [MnD] is a (Semi) HC Raid Guild and exists since Summer 2018.
We do mostly Full Clears or from time to time also Fractals. We're 3 Leaders and currently around 16 active Members in total. Most of us have experienced Raids since release.
We're looking for more passionate, active and experienced players.

What can you expect
* Weekly Full Clears at least once per Week (Monday Mornings and one evening during the week)
* Full Clear (w1-w6) in less than 3h
* no toxicity (but we do expect you to bring an elitist kind of level)

What do we expect from you
* Multiclass! (you should be able to perform multiple roles confidently on all encounters)
* 18+ Age
* Discord and ability to communicate in english
* Full Clear (w1-w6) Experience
* Meta awareness (always up tp date)
* SC level benchmark
* good mechanic awareness (we run mostly 1 healer)

Then message me, Cira (creepyXtina.2560) here or ingame. :)
We will send you a link to apply and invite you to our discord, have a chat and trial you. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We're looking forward to meet you o/


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