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Bug Reports: LWS4 Episode 5: All or Nothing



  • Eloc Freidon.5692Eloc Freidon.5692 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Deep in Brechnar's Gauntlet by the lava pit towards the end, a Hidden chest can spawn on the other side of the wall or doesn't show at all. Unsure of specific problem other than it is inaccessible.

  • I've been getting quite a weird issue with the last chapter of the story (Crystal Dragon; some spoilers ahead). After skimming through the thread, it doesn't seem to have happened to anyone else.
    So, I get disconnected during a cutscene. After Kralkatorrik's big attack, shielded by Aurene, you go down to deliver the alleged finishing blow. At 30ish %, there is a first cutscene where Kralk tries a last breathe attack, countered by Aurene. Starting from here, I don't have any sound (don't know if this is on purpose?). Then there are some weird cuts, where you see Kralk slowly withdrawing. I see three of them, then the screen turns totally black. After a minute or two, I get the 'you've been disconnected' message, and I'm back to the character selection screen; but it's dark (I only see the panel and the character slots).
    I've been trying on different Wifis, same results. I've done the last scene like 5 times two weeks ago, and get disconnected always at the same moment. I've retried today, hoping that with last week's patch it would be solved, but I experienced the same thing. Anybody's been going through that too?

  • As of today, Feb 17, I'm still experiencing the checkered NPC during cinematics. FYI

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