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Living World Season 5: "All or Nothing" devs here – ask us anything!

Hey everyone!

Quick reminder! Your fellow players are still experiencing the episode for the first time! Please use spoiler tags where appropriate!

Today Living World Season 5, “All or Nothing” was released! In this episode you’ll travel back to the Shiverpeaks to battle Kralkatorrik's influence. A new upgradeable weapon set can be obtained as you prepare your forces for an epic confrontation. You can build the legendary long-bow Pharus and call upon light itself to attack your foes. Dessa’s krewe has discovered a new Fractal, Siren’s Reef. Venture with your allies to an island with cursed pirate treasure.

As always, members of the teams that worked on the episode will be joining me to help celebrate this release. Thank you for joining us and hopefully we’ll see you in game!

Here's who will be here with us today:

Living World Team – Linsey Murdock, Clayton Kisko, Andrew Gray, Cameron Rich, Erik Fagerstrom, John Jarynowski, Lee Bledsoe,
Fractals Team – Benjamin Arnold
Cinematics Team - Da-Hee Im, Emilio Pujadas, Jason Byfield
Systems Design Team – Jessica Croft
Communications Team - Gaile Gray
Marketing Team – Lis Cardy, Mike Silbowitz

As a reminder here are our ground rules. We're here to chat with you about the new release, its features and content related to the new season of Living World. We will not be discussing or revealing future items that may be in development. Finally, please remember that not everyone will have finished playing through the episode yet, so please use spoiler tags appropriately.

We will also be hosting the ArenaNet Forum Chat from Friday, January 11 until Friday, January 18, here on the official Guild Wars 2 forums where devs from the episode team will answer questions as well.

Thank you all for your continued support of Guild Wars 2 and being part of such an amazing community!

EDIT: Thanks for joining us today. We're going to wrap up this celebration, but you are welcome to post questions or comments over the next few days and we'll try to respond as time allows.

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