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Thanks for all the content!

Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭
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I haven't played yet but can't wait to get home, have my kids go to bed, and veg out exploring a new area! Thanks for all of this, I absolutely adore gw2 pve!

And thanks for all the balance patches you have done lately too!



  • TrinitySK.6713TrinitySK.6713 Member ✭✭✭

    Mate you're in for a ride!

  • I can’t wait for you to experience this!!! Thank you so much for playing.

  • Thank you for playing!

  • Thanks Anet! Love exploring Thunderhead peaks while having so many great memories of GW1 times.

  • @Trini Woo.7519 said:
    Thanks Anet! Love exploring Thunderhead peaks while having so many great memories of GW1 times.

    Me too! THK was one of my biggest challenges in GW, so it was sweet to revisit that awesome area of Tyria

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  • Blur.3465Blur.3465 Member ✭✭✭

    Going to post another big THANK YOU for the content that you've given us with this episode!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed every little bit of it. Exploring the peaks and getting reminded of that nightmarish mission Thunderhead Keep was a great delight too! :D
    Music immediately struck me when I came to the keep and forge, where I just stood there in one spot, listening and enjoying the atmosphere.
    I will keep exploring every crevice tonight!

    As for the story...I keep saying it, I will say it again: PERFECTION
    I really felt sad, devastated, hopeless and angry at Kralkatorrik, everything felt so tragic after I finished the mission and I just blankly stared at the forge, wondering if it's all real! (Won't spoil too much in case some people haven't played through it yet ^^)
    Honestly, I deeply thank you for delivering this masterpiece and I look forward to see what you've got for us in the future. The tone of the story is amazing and the atmosphere is priceless!

    Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for being here for your fans! <3