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Diviner's Stat Missing from Mist Accessories

Well it happened before with Plaguedoctor's, so figure best to put it out here now to be known.

The three Mist Accessories: Mist Pendant, Mist Band, and Mist Talisman are missing the new Diviner's stat option from the list upon using a Mist Capacitor.
Please add to the stat option list! Though interestingly enough, Diviner's is avaliable on the Blood Ruby Accessories from Bloodstone Fen.


  • Zephyr.8015Zephyr.8015 Member ✭✭
    edited January 8, 2019

    I don't understand if this has happened before why weren't steps taken to make sure it didn't happen again? Once again a PTR would've caught this prior to patching. Oh well.

  • Jeknar.6184Jeknar.6184 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The Triumphant Armor from WvW is also missing Diviner stats... I'd assume Glorious Armor from PvP must be also missing them.

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  • Arrgh and I used the Capacitor to reset these items to discover this and now I either put them back to Commander's stats and write off the cost of resetting them again, or don't play Chrono until it's fixed =(

  • Zygil.1276Zygil.1276 Member
    edited January 10, 2019

    Recent patch fixed this. Mist accessories have Diviner's stat now.
    Thank you Anet for the fast fix on it!

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