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Diviner Accessories cost

Is there any special reason why you guys decided to put Diviner Accessories prices behind Laurels instead of using the map currency? I think the same was done on Long Live the Lich but I'm not sure if it was discussed.

Thanks for finally releasing that stat for PvE and WvW btw... I've been waiting for it ever since I saw the amulet in PvP for the first time.

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  • In response to the second half - Our pleasure! We wanted our weapon set to have some functionality in addition to looking slick :)

    It can be difficult sometimes when designing a set for everyone. Most of the time it won’t please everyone’s taste but with a functional piece associated with it, I think it adds some extra interest among players.

    We’re glad you enjoyed it!

  • From our rewards designer: She notes the choice to use laurels was to be consistent with episode 3’s Plague Doctor’s set.

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    Laurels were probably choose as well because it is slowly loosing relevance.

    Not sure if it is a bug but you can also get Diviner's from the LS3 and LS4 selectable stat trinkets so laurels aren't a hard requirement.