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Legendary Weapons


Thanks for making the new legendary bow - Pharus. It's a very beautiful and sleek looking long bow! I'm definitely crafting this longbow when I get off work.

In terms of gen 2 legendary weapons, did you guys already have all the second set of legendary weapons designed back when Gen 2 legendary weapons were announced or do you guys design each one when creating each new episode?

What's the process and time-frame in terms of designing a legendary? Does an artist typically create a concept and then go through various discussions with management before it comes the final product?

Thank you ArenaNet!



  • When I hreard the team was making a new long bow, I knew I was in major trouble. I love my Kudzu and The Dreamer -- how will I decide??? :)

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  • From the Legendary Team:
    Our design process for legendary weapons follows the design philosophies of the studio. It is a layered process where we start with a broad idea and then start to narrow in on ideas over time. So no, we did not have the weapons designed back when gen 2 started. Rather, we had a vague idea of what we wanted to do and then refined it as it came closer to release. Most of the time the final result ends up being completely different than our original idea.
    It is hard to say when the process fully starts but when we get closer to release we take all developers who will be involved (artists, QA, designers, and producers) and do brainstorms in a room and riff off of some the initial ideas people have gathered up. We usually have two or three of these before we narrow in on the full concept. Then we split up tasks between artists and design and get to work!

  • I was going to make a new post, but since this one is about Legendary Weapons I think I'll just post my question here.

    Is it possible to "normalize" legendaries footsteps? Some of them will stay on the ground quite longer than others. Ippos and Shinning Blade stays for quite a while, but Bifrost, Flameseeker and Minstrels vanishes just as it appears, and IMO it's a bummer. So I'd like to know if it would be a viable ideia to make them all last the same.

    And a second question : would it be possible to make footsteps from both main and off hand to show up at the same time? It's quite sad to have 2 legendaries you really like equipped but only one footstep showing up, =/

    Thanks for the hard work, I'm planning on making Pharus as soons as I finish my third legendary armor set :D