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[LOTS OF SPOILERS! BEWARE!] Extremely Necessary Fangirling <3

Oh my gods, Anet!! I have to work on homework now but I couldn't leave with out raving about how great this episode was first! Freakin' amazing! Story was great, the music was great, and holy kitten you guys are killing it with those cinematics. Little things like the genuinely heartwarming convos between the NPCs leading up to the fight were absolutely wonderful. I'd also be remiss to not mention the unbridled glee of seeing a couple things I'd been wishing for come true! I was just pining for one measly little scene with Canach, Logan, and Rytlock but we got tons of them and it was every bit as hilarious as I'd dreamed. I noticed who that "messenger" was too. My little lore geek heart exploded <3 Ending was a punch in the feels but honestly it's hard to feel bad for too long when I'm so so SO excited to see what happens next! There's so much more I would love to gush about but I need to get going on my work so for now I will leave with this and thank you all from the bottom of my delighted little fangirl heart for all your hard work! <3<3<3