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So You're one POI away from Map Completion ....



  • Linken.6345Linken.6345 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @lexxguard.2690 said:
    Okay Devs please move this POI out of the locked room. Here is the issue I am having. Even if I complete both the Metas and get the Light of Deldrimor. I still dont get a Purple Plate. It seems that you only do 4 of the 6 rooms available. Which means you have a 66% chance to get the Purple Plate. I have done this 6 times now and RNG has not been kind enough to give me the Purple Plate. Therefore you are blocking player map completion progress based on a random chance to get an item.

    Continue that maps story and it will take any character you do said story with there all the time.

  • Irreverent.3594Irreverent.3594 Member ✭✭✭

    With last two characters i did map completion, i had to do metas for 3 days and only on 3rd day i got into purple room (no not spending gold on this rng kitten, this is not BDO!). TP is one worst of maps in this game. I hate it, thanks anet.