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Good job on the story hints. (Spoilers)

So, in LS 4-4, I noticed that you dropped a few good hints on how we could actually get Kralk to fight us directly, and give us a chance of actually hurting him.

  • Kralk was after Aurene as his main target.
  • Kralk's power couldn't pass through thick stone.
  • Kralk's only minion strong enough to kill Aurene (the DB Shatterer) had been destroyed, so he'd have to go after her himself.

The obvious answer was to use Aurene as bait to lure him underground, and fight him there in a confined space. Which we did in this chapter. We also got a clear call-back to the fact that the dwarves made the Sanguinary Blade (which we can now see was created to fight Primordus).

During the final battle of 4-5, I found myself realizing that we couldn't win that fight. There was no way Aurene would be able to absorb that much magic that well. Most of the other important characters in the story were at ground zero for what was about to happen, everyone would have been killed.

After the ending (and several minutes to calm down), I took the time to think back and look for more clues. I'm pretty sure I've spotted the hints in the story that explain what's about to happen next. So, unless I'm horribly mistaken, congrats to the team for looking ahead and dropping the information in bits and parts to hint at what's to come. And even if I am mistaken, congrats on doing it on the lead-up to this story.

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    Only the devs can say how much or in what ways they included foreshadowing of the upcoming story in the preceding episode. But I want to say I respect your analysis and your knowledge of the game! Thanks for an interesting post.

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