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Just Another Dragon/Magic Story Question! [Spoilers/Detail!]

So, I want to take the first part as a HUGE WELL DONE for deciding to commit to the ending. It was sorely needed for a long time and really helps to cement the point that this is a very, very difficult fight against creatures of immense power. It was built up well across multiple episodes, and the reactions of dread and despair from the community highlight how successful the decision was! However, I have a few queries about how the Dragon/Magic story actually works now, if we assume that this is the situation:

  • Magic exists from the start of the world, but the Dragons are also rumoured to have been there from the start. Providing that this is the case, all of the Magic in Tyria would exist in the world, ready to be consumed by the Dragons. At this point, the world didn't explode as we're all still here.
  • The Dragons consume and release a finite amount of Magic, if we imagine it to be like Oil. At the point of Awakening, the Dragons have released the vast majority of the Magic back into the world and they cause natural disasters and disturbances in their effort to consume it again.

So on a fundamental level, knowing what we know about Kralkatorrik's strive for 'unlimited power', releasing lots of Magic into the world isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, releasing lots of Magic into the world whilst the Dragons are alive is a bad thing. The reason why there are huge explosions when the Dragons die off is arguably because there's so much Magic in one place, but you could mitigate that by removing each Dragon at different times, as we've been doing. To link this to Abaddon, as others will inevitably go to that next:

  • Perhaps Abaddon was against mortals not having Magic, knowing what he knew about the Elder Dragons. He essentially tried to help them, in preparation for the destructive rampages that were about to arrive. 'The God of Secrets' endlessly trying to help but getting locked away for a potentially virtuous deed. Additionally, because as Kormir stated in previous chapters: 'The Gods shouldn't intervene with Mortals.'
  • Essentially, Abaddon broke the angle of the Gods and was punished for it.

To conclude and bring it all 'full circle': Does this mean that as the Dragons have sentient motives of power and greed, that they're actually the true villains of Tyria? They're trying to maintain their own levels of power, pretending to be forces of balance. With more Magic, they have more power, and they're afraid to lose it.

And with that, Aurene died because she was a threat to Kralkatorrik's plan to maintain power. [Dun, dun, duuuuuun.]