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New fractal Birds Instability - has anyone been able to get the birds to transfer by dodging?

stone cold.8609stone cold.8609 Member ✭✭✭

So my PUG group did a T4 Swampland with the Birds instability last night. Not once was I able to dodge and get the birds to transfer to an enemy that I could tell. I wanted to ask if anyone else was able to do this and is it working as intended?

My feedback on this instability is that it is just annoying and not fun. It basically functions as another ticking AOE damage source (for me playing BS Warr in Berserker armor - about 7 hits doing 1k damage per hit in about 2-3 seconds) that you can't avoid. Once they aggroed on my I wasn't able to transfer them by dodging, wasn't able to LOS them, so I was forced to cleave them down while eating their damage. My team actually wiped on swamp a couple of times due to this. How did everyone else handle the birds?


  • DoNotBelieveMe.3029DoNotBelieveMe.3029 Member ✭✭
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    1st off, yes I was able to transfer the birds by dodging.

    The DoT from the birds is a little overtuned for players, but does almost nothing to mobs when you transfer (1k/s to player , 1k/s to mob, seems to bypass armour/toughness so the only thing that will help is a bigger health pool) but I guess it is hitting the players that hard to try to generate awareness from the players. Doesn't stop it from being stupidly deadly when combined with a horde of mobs attacking you together with afflicted(conditions on hit) instability though.

    When you get afflicted by the birds, there is an icon on your boon bar, successfully transferring removes it.

  • Had no problems with the birds. Yes, they were annoying but the worst part to me was the constant blind and the fact that they forced me to "waste" a dodge. I dodge as soon as I am blinded and the birds transfer. The other was that the birds actually occurred at some times even when we were not in combat mode which was just plain annoying because it meant we had to stop and kill them.

  • From my "fun" experience in T4 swampland, there's 2 types of birds: a) Ravens that can be attacked/killed, no dodges transfer them (and they spawn every 5 seconds) - b) almost invisible birds, which makes a low volume (problematic for trying to have the game muted).

    I've no clue on the occurrence of the invisible-birds - they just ate away at all players hp when they had no dodges - makes me wonder if this is an intended Instability for Swampland (and makes me shudder to think of them within Twilight Oaisis)

    Maybe I'll sound like a broken record; but the only thing missing in this got-troll'd of an experience in swampland would be to have the Ravens become invulnerable if outside the green circles.

  • So I ran with this instability again and I think vee is right. There does seem to be 2 sets of birds - near invisible ones that do transfer after dodging that do almost no damage to mobs and visible ones named juvenile ravens that don't reliably transfer after dodging. I really find this instability to be not fun and annoying, since there is no real telegraph and they can attack you when you are out of combat. The birds attack with too much frequency and too much damage as they are tuned now. I'd rather have the old social awkwardness instability back than this one.

  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @stone cold.8609 said:
    I'd rather have the old social awkwardness instability back than this one.

    Can't tell you how many times I've said that since the last patch, in reference to many of the new instabilities.

    It's almost as if the devs in charge of fractals were sitting around the table:
    Dev#1 - players really don't like how Social Awkwardness works, and they find it too punishing.
    Dev#2 - Yeah? Hold my beer....

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