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Two Returning Players Looking for a Guild!

Good afternoon all!
After stopping playing right before the first expansion came out, my friend and I are returning to the world and we are looking for a guild or a group of people who are willing to help us understand the game again and have some fun with! We're pretty chill people and just wanna have a good time doing raids or PvP or whatever else there is to do. Not sure how the guild system with realms works here, but we're on Tarnished Coast if that matters.


  • Greetings TwistedSpookie and Friend of TwistedSpookie,

    Welcome back to Tyria! Hopefully you like the sound of my little home. We're called The Gryphons Aerie and we’re a small, casual/semi-casual yet social, 18+, PvE/Light RP, family on Tarnished Coast. We love to help new and returning players get back on their feet. We're currently building up our ranks a bit in order to have more regularly scheduled guild events, but in the meantime, we often just wing it for the night according to what folks want to do. Our current peak time tends to be in the mid-late evening EST (UTC-5), starting around reset, but we have a few others who are around from various time zones as well.

    We’re willing to help out with any and all questions as best as we can, whether it's dungeons/Fractals, builds, and other general game questions. All you need to do is ask. We also don’t do the “speed runs”, exploits, etc, nor require anyone to bring a specific class or build for any dungeon run. Bring whatever you want and we'll have fun regardless.

    We know that RL comes first and stress that fact.
    We’ll still be there even if you can’t for a bit of time. Just leave a little note to let us know you'll be away, and all is well.

    We do not demand 100% representation.
    It’s not our business to tell you who you can and cannot associate with; that choice is yours alone.

    We are focused on providing a place where people can feel comfortable and as though they are more than just a name on the roster. We want everyone to feel like family.
    We are very LGBTQ+ affirmative and do not tolerate any sort of derogatory words, comments, bigotry etc. toward anyone regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, gender identity or sexuality. Anyone violating that policy is subject to immediate removal, no questions asked.

    We also have a Discord, where everyone is expected to use the text channels to some degree, but the voice channels are never required.

    In order to maintain our "quality vs. quantity" aspect and help build the family-like atmosphere of the guild, we require an application. This application asks only for basic information to help us try to organize things to fit around everyone's schedules and takes just a few minutes.

    For more information, and to take the next step in joining us, please check out our Guild Website.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note here or contact me in game and I’ll do my best to answer them.

    Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.

  • Hey, you've probably found a guild by now but I wanted to toss my guild in for consideration. It's called Chaotic Coexistence {CC]. We're a new guild. Only 3 active members, including myself at the moment but we're looking to grow. We primarily do PvP battlegrounds but are looking to dabble in Fractals later. We're a friendly and laid-back group. We don't tolerate drama, hate speech or any of that BS. There is no rep requirement so you can make our guild your home or bounce in and out whenever you'd like.

    If you have any interest in trying us out or have questions, you can message me here but it would be better to message in-game.

    To answer your question. Anyone from any server can join any guild. The only part of the game that the servers affect is WvW. Otherwise we're all on a megaserver together.

  • Hey there!
    If you would like to check us out and see if we are for you.
    This is a link to our community's website, there is a GW2 specific page and a way to apply to the guild all there if you decide we are right for you.

    Founder of Affinitus Nemus [AFNM]
    "Join Us, We're Lonely" - Our Guild At Some Point


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