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Writing Process/Majory and Kasmeer?

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I found it odd that they weren't referenced at all in this latest episode, especially with so much at stake (if they were, I missed it). Just seems like the final battle with Kralk is something they'd show up for? I can't strictly remember what they're up to post-PoF, so apologies if the answer should be obvious.

I don't know if any devs are around still, but I was curious if you can offer insight into the writing process. I know you tend to rotate the cast out every few episodes, but how exactly do you choose? Is it simply a matter of "we haven't seen x, y, and z for a while, so we'll bring them back in for a bit!"

Do you have any sort of "word allowance?" I have heard from other game writers that there's a maximum number of words they get for the whole game, and so all the dialogue they write for the world/story has to fall below that number. Do you have a similar system, or likewise a certain number "main characters" per episode?

In general, I loved the little touches in this episode (like a certain ghostly messenger). That sort of stuff brings me joy, though you MURDERED all that joy with that ending. May Grenth take pity on your souls, for I would not!


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    Also I feel like Rox is more or less an after thought at this point. She's never really the focus like Braham or Taimi, she doesn't have a cute relationship like Majory and Kasmeer, and she's not my cactus husband the sardonic comic relief that is Canach. It would be nice to see her get a big storyline in the future, and maybe see some of her personality start to shine more. I feel like she's provided back up for a lot of missions over the last few living world seasons, but never pulled much focus. Her little bits with the Olmakhan were great - would love to see more like that!

    I'm not even particularly a fan of Rox, I just have it in my mind that she's a bit neglected attention-wise and that makes me feel sad lol.

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    OH. And I really loved the development for Caithe in this episode. I am a bit of a sadist an love that tragic, chronically lonely character, which our sylvari thief has very much been. Losing friends, lovers, again and again. Her line about feeling alienated and awkward once Aurene began bonding with the commander killed me, and simultaneously gave satisfactory explanation for her long absence. I can just see her thinking to herself "See Caithe, they never stick around for long. No one really needs you in the end."

    Her connection with Aurene was the first really positive development for her character in a long time. It made my heart happy (and I loved her dope new blue aesthetic!!!!!). But then again, I suppose she lost that connection shortly after she got it, so... x)

    Anyway, great job I guess? I would love more developments for old characters, as you have done with Caithe in this episode.