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What happens when two soulbeasts share OWP(traited with leader of pack) in mid fight to their allies

Will they deal separate strikes for each shared stance or will they increase in duration? same goes for dolyak... will damage gets reduced to -66% summing two dolyak stances or will they equate as one stance or will stance duration gets increased?

I've yet to check it out myself but most of my friends doesn't run soulbeast(they feel necro, spellbreaker and holo are rewarding when compared to sb)... and I could invite someone else from HOM but that's a pain(mostly ppl mind their own business)...

Have anyone tried it out?


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    Referring to the release notes, it should be maintained separately... will the effect be doubled or the effect equates to only once even when two of the same stance are shared

    Won't know until tried ;)

  • rng.1024rng.1024 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    The stances are unique effects (as noted by the icon on your UI) so by far the most likely outcome is that the latest stance application (given it's the same) will override the previous one. This means if yoy have 3 seconds left on a shared One Wolf Pack and another ranger casts another, you won't get 3+4 but rather it resets at 4 seconds (which is the regular shared duration).

    Also if this wasn't the case why on earth isn't 9 soulbeast/1 guardian meta in raids as they would have 100% uptime on any boon introduced into the comp with permastances.

    This also means you can only benefit from one application of any stance at a given time.

  • Eurantien.4632Eurantien.4632 Member ✭✭✭
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    Ranger stances stack in duration. So if 2 Rangers share one wolf pack at the same time the team gets 4s + 4s, with each ranger getting 12s + 4s.

    Or if they use double dolyak stance, they'd get 3s + 9s, while team would gets 6s but still only 33% dmg reduction across the board.

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