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Newer Account still with blocked access to selling on the Trading Company.

Made and authenticated my account on the 5th, purchased on the 8th. When do I get to sell my items? It's been saying validation for 3 days for the past...3 days.


  • It's not three days since the 8th of January yet.

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    I think it’s technically 72 hours from when you activated the account.

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    New accounts are restricted. see about 1/2 way down for all the limitations. e.g. "The trading post limits (ability to buy or sell certain items) is removed 5 days after purchasing an expansion." and " There is a 72-hour restriction on: Currency Exchange in the Gem store after account creation to combat botting and scams." according to wiki you have a few more days left, gems that were part of the package purchase can take up to 72 hrs but has been known to take much longer.

  • In-game is has a checkmark on one of the requirements (purchased game/expansion), the other is validation (which I assume is e-mail) and it's been saying (3 days) since the 5th, the day I validated my e-mail.

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    No, validation does not mean email. There is no additional email verification and the term refers to a general validating period for all non-f2p accounts. This validadion is only needed for accounts for which it matters, so f2p accounts will never be validated. As soon as you buy an expansion and convert the account from f2p to paid, the validation period will start. After it ends, the currently locked features will be enabled.

    So it comes down to what @Illconceived Was Na.9781 already stated in the first answer: Your 3 days after activating the expansion are not over. The account creation day is irrelevant.

    PS: It will keep saying "3 days" because that is what the validation period is. It only informs you how long the period is, not how much you have left to go. it is not a countdown.

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  • OK thanks for the help

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