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Living World Episode 6 Location theory



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    @anninke.7469 said:
    You know what? You're actually right. I just got a little too real-life-ish (especially on believing a known and untrustworthy tyrant, I've seen lot of that lately where I live). And for Mayameen I believe the danger would come from her wounded pride. People don't generally like being told (and proven) to be wrong. More so if they're in a position of power.

    And yes, I know Anet has no interest in this. It's just a bit of wishful dreaming on my side.

    Mayameen died in that very instance from Joko's attack, during the cinematic. No wounded pride to take revenge for. Believing a known and untrustworthy tyrant would be the mentality and actions of brainwashed or gullible individuals - in the case of believing Joko, it'd be the people living in the Desolation and Vabbi from what we've seen, not those of Amnoon, Kourna, or Istan (except nobles, I suppose). Take Utumishi for example, and those he leads in Jahai Bluffs; they're the ones who'd be most likely to revolt against the Commander and postulate blame on them for the damages incurred by Balthazar, Joko, and Kralkatorrik's actions. But Utumishi himself prefers having protection and living, so as long as Kralkatorrik remains a threat, he won't do anything. And I feel that people - including ArenaNet - are getting tired of Elona so they won't return to him (immediately) once Kralkatorrik is dead / no longer a threat.

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    All these squares make a circle.