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Some ideas/inspiration for the devs for some changes

Hello Tyrians, Hello ArenaNet-Employees from an alternate universe called "Real life",
I collected some ideas for new features and/or reworking some existing features.

Since I'm bad at intros ... I'll just start right away.

1. Filtering / Search for Vendors

Adding a search bar for selling to vendors.
This feature/idea is a bit outdated since runes/sigils are salvageable. But still useful if you can filter the view to do not show any material/rare item (for example).

2. Configurable Blacklist for Salvager

There are things you may not want to salvage...for example: Piece of Unidentified Gear... (also Common and rare versions of it)...
Other example: You are lvl 22 and already bought gear for lvl 25... You do not want to salvage it… and you do not have invisible bags there yet, also do you want to carry it with you, so you can equip it as soon as you reach lvl 25... BUT you do not want to salvage everything separate, you want to just click "Salvage all" - and done.
Correct me if I am wrong. Of course there are workarounds. But the best solution is to make things more user friendly (in my opinion).

So a context-menu entry "Add Item to blacklist" (prevent salvage for only THIS item) and "Add Itemtype to blacklist" (to prevent salvageing of every item of this type/id) for salvagers.

3. More Guild-Halls

For the veterans out there… when you are thinking back to Gw1... there were lot more themes of halls for all the orders there… so why not in gw2 too?
What kind of halls are I am thinking of? Some examples:

Race-themed halls:

-Human, style of krytan village/city. (May be even a ascalonian themed, and old orrian themed)
-Asuran, an cru-laboratory or something
-Norn, something snowy
-Charr, metal-based hall
-Sylvari, something with this living plants

Order-themed halls:

-Pact, maybe the main-base since we all are an pact-commander
-Durmand Priory
-Order of Whispers, maybe an cave-hall
-Vigil, a castle

“New”- Order-themed halls:

-Sunspear camp
-Joko temple
-Temple of the old gods
-The Mists Like mistlock sanctuary
-Shining Blade
-Dwarven city

Some “Enemy”-based themes:

-Mordrem theme
-Undead / Awakened theme

4. Mount-Stable in home-instance

Mounts are a kinda personal thing...we all love our mounts - don’t we?
So it would be awesome if there is a stable in the home instance with all unlocked mounts(+current skin) of the instance-owner.
It is not only an roleplay aspect… what I mean is: It is our “home”... and the mounts are part of the family!
There is not even a need to interact with them... maybe if they only wander inside the stable (or maybe in the entire home-instance?). At least they are present!

5. Expand Special Forces Training Area

There's an golem to train rotations, test dps...
So how to "expand" something like this?

a) Customize equipment.

Sometimes you want to experiment with an build that you had not built yet (you may just want to test if it is worth to build or just wanna test the gameplay of a class/build etc.)...
That is no problem for legendary-armor/trinket owners at all… but for them without.
So it would be nice, if there is an customizator for builds just like in pvp, select stat+rune/sigil for every slot, select food without waste actual food. Everything only available as long as you stay inside the Special Forces Training Area of course.

b) Mechanics

Also an additional area... to train actual mechanics:
Why? Currently the only possible way to learn a Boss is to read a external guide. Or to wipe random groups in LFG - and even they assume you read a guide before . Lucky ones have a guild teaching them everything. Where it does not matter if you fail or not.

The goal of the Idea: An ingame solution to train newcomers boss-mechanics. An place where they can watch, test and train fights and mechanics live.

So how could it possible? There should be an area - just like the existing, eg. another part of the cave... with a field where you can simulate a scripted view of the actual boss-fights. There is not actual any boss to kill...replace the "boss" with another kitty-golem (or holograms like inside Taimis trainings-program), doing same stuff as the boss and it will simulate any mechanics of that boss. With Scripted 10-man-NPC-groups.
There's an console, choose the boss and choose your role (none/spectator, tank, heal, dps, kite, ...depends on boss.)... depending on this selection you take place of one of the 10-man-NPC-group.
This should work for both, raid and fractal bosses (mai trin, shattered, nightmare, etc).

6. Rework of the friend-list...

That's a problem everyone has with a lot of friends/follower...
First of all.... please separate LFG and Friend-List... sometimes you want look in LFG and want to have a look parallel in your friendlist if any of them is active/available... so sometimes you want to open friend-list AND LFG simultaneous.
So... now the main part of this... The Friendlist as it is currently... is kinda confusing...
For example ... me... I have about 200+ Persons on my friendlist... and about the double-triple amount on my follower list (acted as commander in the past - so there's a lot ppl. I met)
Even with less you cant overwatch this amount of people. So there is a need for some changes!

a) Notes on friends.

At the moment the only workaround is to abuse the "nickname" feature to make any notes... the heck, that's not what a nickname is for! Adding notes for friends would be a big improvement!

b) Nicknames & Account names

I mentioned nicknames... If a nickname is set, you do not see the account name of the contact anymore. So again you have to use an workaround to see the account-name (Send mail).
Solution? Show both, nickname (just like it is currently), and smaller within brackets below the account name. If no nickname is set, show only the account name instead of nickname.

c) Categories!

It would help a lot to let us creating categories to sort contacts in.
(Example: “Static”, “Old guildies”, “From fractals”, “Commanders”, “ANet-Dev”)
Before you ask…. Ofc i have some devs on my friendlist :<

d) More... informations....!

I do not want some personal data for the players... what I mean is at least the date/time a friend was added to the list. Or for followers the date they added me.
Often I sit there... look at follower and think... “The heck? Where is he come from?” - and I am pretty sure, I am not the only one!
With a date and/or the location of me when he added me it would more like - "Ahhhh ok, he added me as I commanded DS/Tarir/HP-Train/JP or inside Raid/Fractal..." - or something like this.
Optional information: What Guild? (if he is representing any)
Ofc. only if both added each other (same criteria, as seeing someones lvl/location)

That points would help for managing the friend-list much better.
Also... nothing that relevant... but maybe an list with suggestions? Players you recently played with in a group/match?

7. Rework of Gift of Exploration

Ok this may be one of the bigger changes!
Looking into Gift of Exploration:
For 100% world you will get two Gifts of Exploration
For 100% PoF/HoT you will get a Gift of the Desert / Gift of Maguuma

PoF/HoT is each overall the same size as about two-Central Tyria regions (more or less)
So the basic idea is: For each region finished to 100% (Kryta, Ascalon, Maguuma Jungle, Far Shiverpeaks, Orr) you will get an "Shard of Exploration"
Combining two "Shards of Exploration" (Doubleclick) you will get 1 Gift of Exploration.

Gift of Exploration currently has a much larger area to explore… what is overall very demotivating. Compared to this: In HoT/PoF you will get for EACH MAP one Part of the final Gift...
With the change you will still get two Gifts of Exploration for 100% (well... to be more precise it will 2,5...) but compared to the size of the map with the size of pof/hot ... this is fine in my opinion. And would be much less frustrating!

8. Instance scaling…

This is actually a big thing in discussions all the time...
A lot of players want harder content... others are frustrated because some content is to hard for them. Some are handicapped, and there are also some older players.
Ofc. “It is a MMO - they could just ask”... but sometimes you just wanna enjoy, and feels stressed when playing a story with others. When solo, you can took all the time you want without worry about your teammates…

So the idea is basically... make every instanced content scalable…
And with “every instanced content” I include every! Story-instances... Dungeons (make them great again!)... Raid… etc…
(May be not Fractals, since they are already scaled into different tiers)
Just start with Easy... then Normal… Hard... Expert... Master… (Or even more!) #TotallyNotInspiredFromDiablo
Where Easy is like 50% of the current difficulty, Normal is the current, then scaling percentual.
The scaling would take effect on the hp and the damage of enemies.
Also adapt scaling for gold/karma/exp and loot chances...

Actually... it's no “new” content at all... but would make dungeons great, since its more effort to beat them. and the gold-reward scales too... And higher levels would add some needs for some other tactics than "just burst em down".

This are ideas I collected over the past months... All of them would fit into the game without breaking it. And everything should be doable for the devs.

Hopefully I can inspire ANet with some of the ideas above...
Would be awesome if any of them will get into the game!

So have a nice day, Tyrians!

Looking for some salt.


  • I like all these ideas. Hopefully something will get implemented.

  • Lome.8239Lome.8239 Member ✭✭✭

    Nice thread but

    @Nasbit.3240 said:

    Race-themed halls:

    -Norn, something snowy

    Norn have so much more culture than this :-(

  • zealex.9410zealex.9410 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I dont think we will get so many guild halls as theres no guild team so id at least suggest decorations of these themes, but then again... theres no guild team.

    I agree with friendlist being reworked. I never understood the follower system and its so distanced from propper friend systems i find myself challenged to even rememer who most of the guys in my followed list are.

    Plus over the years a number of players have come out and shared their experiences on how the system if fundementally flawed when it comes to stalking and stuff like that.

    Instance scaling: bring back nm/hm from gw1, its an excellent system and theres no excuse to not have it.

    Well except "no dev resources" but that can apply to everything and if thats the case i dont see the reason for them to push so hard the gemstore if we dont see some of that income be reinvested into making the game better.

  • Nasbit.3240Nasbit.3240 Member ✭✭
    edited January 13, 2019

    @zealex.9410 said:
    I dont think we will get so many guild halls as theres no guild team so id at least suggest decorations of these themes, but then again... theres no guild team.

    I dont think so either, but I listed just some examples of what kind of halls I am thinking of. I would be happy if there would be any Order/Race themed halls... I do not expect they are adding them all. Adding them all would be too much!

    Looking for some salt.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 14, 2019

    Awesome ideas.

    Orders themed guild hall:
    Priory => Church/Cathedral with a ton of bookshelves, tablets and so on..

    About race ones: Norn
    Braseros, spirits sculptures, taverns and houses, meats and beers.

    You have me for Asuran guild hall/ Inquest one. They don't neccessary need to be huge; just do like Lab Sigma-05, add hexagonal elevators, that way it can have like 5 floors.

    Also don't take it bad but most of those suggestions will never happens for 3 reasons:
    -They are no guild hall dedicated team anymore.
    -Nobody is actively working on ghall decos.
    -They only mostly care about things that generate money like the gemstore.

    What that should be made first is a collective of devs with the only goal of adding guild halls/gh decos.

    +++In creative mood. New Engie Elite spec' DONE, Housing DONE, New asuran expansion DONE, Designing a new lounge "current", New GameMode DONE

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I wont break down and analyse your post, but there are some decent and well thought out ideas in there

    What sleep is here? What dreams there are in the unctuous coiling of the snakes mortal shuffling. weapon in my hand. My hand the arcing deathblow at the end of all things. The horror. The horror. I embrace it. . .

  • @hugo.4705 said:

    Also don't take it bad but most of those suggestions will never happens for 3 reasons:
    -They are no guild hall dedicated team anymore.
    -Nobody is actively working on ghall decos.
    -They only mostly care about things that generate money like the gemstore.

    What that should be made first is a collective of devs with the only goal of adding guild halls/gh decos.

    they should employ me - i am a developer by myself. I would develop the features i am suggesting! :joy:

    Looking for some salt.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Wow nice ! :) Personnally I only know the basics on game maker, variables, scripts, rooms... that kind of stuffs I'm not a pro. xD

    +++In creative mood. New Engie Elite spec' DONE, Housing DONE, New asuran expansion DONE, Designing a new lounge "current", New GameMode DONE

  • Oli.4597Oli.4597 Member ✭✭

    I dont think that many Guild Halls are possible :)
    You would also need to find space for each on the Map ... I mean I like the themed Idea ... but guess its not possible/ wont happen.

    These are some well thought out ideas i like them

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 15, 2019

    Maybe not that much indeed, Inquest/Asuran can be the same one as example, It's not rare to meet places where static~synergetic~dynamic cohabit with Inquest, it's the case at Rata Sum.

    For the attribuated spaces, very easy to find:
    -Asuran: The space at the north of Rata Sum.
    -Sylvari: The coast under Metrica Province.
    -Human: At the left of Queensdale.
    -Charr: At the right of Iron Marches.
    -Norn: At the north of Snowen Drifts.

    -Inquest (If separated): Upper Part of Sandswept Isles
    -Bandits: North of Lake Dorik
    -Awakened: West of Domain of Istan
    -Nightmare: West of Southsun Cove
    -Mordrem = Lost Precipice


    Reflexion: Can be abandonned areas, no need to create a reclaiming mission.

    I'm thinking, why not a new serie of guild halls working like sun refuge?
    1-No reclaiming
    2-Ruins everywhere when you arrive.
    3-You simply restore things related to the theme. Eg: Asuran
    Restore the asuran gates network, reactivate lab defenses, fix electric issues.
    "4"-To make gh more living add a ton of basic npcs: Static researcher, peacemaker, dock worker...
    "5"-Create a timer for a guild hall invasion event, like every 3h.
    Have to defend it against several ennemies like destroyers, sons of svanir... with as a reward, 3 guild recommendations, 2 exo gears, 1 gold coin.

    +++In creative mood. New Engie Elite spec' DONE, Housing DONE, New asuran expansion DONE, Designing a new lounge "current", New GameMode DONE

  • Nasbit.3240Nasbit.3240 Member ✭✭
    edited January 23, 2019

    9. Rework Launcher

    Since -email and -password were disabled, an rework of the Game-Launcher is essential.
    An feature to store multiple account-data in the official client. And also an commando-line option to autologin with saved account "xyz" using stored account information in the official launcher.

    Looking for some salt.

  • Chasind.3128Chasind.3128 Member ✭✭✭

    Yes to everything you have said. It gives a quality to everything that is stale in this game.
    We need more racial based things and something more for our mounts.

    There is definitely more quality of life changes to revamp this game we will never see because it's not chair, gathering tool or mount skins.

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