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Scourge trait Foot in the Grave does not break stuns

I've confirmed this in-game: whenever I'm knocked down, dazed, etc., entering Desert Shroud does not break stuns despite having Foot in the Grave equipped.


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    edited March 7, 2019

    I have been having the same issue with foot in the grave on scourge. Hence I was very excited to read a foot in the grave fix in the 5th of March late notes (Unholy Sanctuary: Fixed a bug in which Desert Shroud would not break stuns if the Foot in the Grave trait was equipped). Even though I do not have Unholy Sanctuary equipped I hoped this would fix the stun-break in my build to (it didn't).

    Hoping this could be fixed in one of the next rounds of patches here is as much information as possible:

    My currently equiped build (it seems to happen in other variations as well):

    • The bug occurs in WvW maps and in the normal maps. The stun-break only appears in PvP maps when enabling foot in the grave.
    • The bug has been around for at least a couple of months (maybe longer I hadn't noticed it before fall 2018).
    • My character name: Bërea, level: 80, race: human, and profession: scourge.
    • The bug does not seem to be dependent on being in a group, or other situational factors.

    Please let me know whether you need any additional information to resolve this issue.

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