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Standard expansion collection question

If i buy the collection (hot + pof standard editions) which is currently on sale do i still get 2 x max boost (with the shared inventory slots) if i already own pof?


  • @Ally.7049 said:
    If i buy the collection (hot + pof standard editions) which is currently on sale do i still get 2 x max boost (with the shared inventory slots) if i already own pof?

    Not exactly. You'll get one shared inventory for the expansion you don't yet own, HoT, and the bonuses from PoF Deluxe

    • Lily of Elon pass
    • Spearmarshal's Presence skin
    • Identity repair kit
    • Additional toon slot

    In total, with the HoT Deluxe, you'd get:

    • Lily of Elon pass & Mini Rytlock
    • Spearmarshal's Presence skin, Revenant Finisher, Mordremoth's Bane Guild Decoration, Heart of Thorns Glider Skin
    • Identity repair kit
    • Additional toon slot x2
    • L80 boost x1 (with just one additional shared inventory slot)

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  • Thank you so much, but i am still somewhat confused, should have mentioned that i own pof deluxe.

    In addition i wanted to buy the hot deluxe as well but either i am completely incompetent or it's just nowere to be found. I would love those character slots!

  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 11, 2019

    You can only get HoT Digital Deluxe upgrade in the Gem Store. I don't think ArenaNet sells HoT DD alone, any more.

    The current 50% discount sale is for Path of Fire Deluxe (which you already own) and Heart of Thorns Standard Edition.
    You would receive a Serial Key to either create a new account with both, or upgrade your current account to include Heart of Thorns with 1 L80 Boost with a Shared Inventory Slot. Nothing else included.

    PoF Deluxe $27.49 + HoT Standard $10.00 Bundle $37.49 (You can probably find HoT Standard elsewhere for less, or even find HoT Deluxe elsewhere for less than $37.49)

  • Ahhh ok now i understand.
    Thanks a bunch.

  • @Ally.7049 said:
    Ahhh ok now i understand.
    Thanks a bunch.

    Added a bit more info for you. (See above.)

  • So if I don't own any of the expansions and I purchase Path of Fire - Deluxe & Heart of Thorns - Standard does that mean I should get one character expansion and two character boosts? It doesn't really specify that you get that with the Deluxe of PoF like it does if you get the standard collection.


  • Path of Fire Deluxe:
    Heart of Thorns Standard:
    (One Character Slot and two L80 Boosts [with accompanying Shared Inventory Slots])

  • Infringed.6578Infringed.6578 Member
    edited January 12, 2019

    Yeah, I saw that, but when you add the HoT Standard to the Deluxe version of PoF it doesn't say anything about the max slots/boosts. That's why I figured I'd ask.

  • The 'Collections' are 1 version (Deluxe or Standard Edition) of Path of Fire plus a Standard Edition of Heart of Thorns. So, whatever comes with the version of PoF plus the L80 Boost (and accompanying Shared Inventory Slot) that comes with Standard HoT.

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