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Chronomancer x Mirage, and is GS that bad?

Hey guys!
I've recently start playing as Mesmer, and right now I'm gathering hero points to get the elite specialization.
I've looked in a lot of posts comparing Chrono x Mirage, but they are kind old.
I would like to know what do you think about this comparsion. I'm not thinking about pvp neither wvw. The ideia is to play open world and initial levels of fractals, perhaps easy raids too (yeah I'm a noob!)
Also, is there any build where GS is good? Right now I'm using S/F + GS, trying to do burst damage.
Thank you!!


  • mortrialus.3062mortrialus.3062 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Power Chronomancer with greatsword is a legitimately good and viable build.

    Specifically check under the Domination tab on this page for the Greatsword Variant and check out the rotation videos. The idea is to get as many Chronophantasma boosted phantasms cast during Continuum Shift as possible. This thing can burst out tooooons of damage very quickly.

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  • Basically what @mortrialus.3062 said.

    There are few things I want to point out however, regarding mirage vs chrono, mirage is still considered more superior and easier to pickup (also less buggy) in terms of dps (not burst!) but chrono has both options in power-based dps and support. In instanced content however, people tend to assume chronos are always support/not good at dps, which can be annoying at times. If you play mirage though, you’d be more effective using condis and playing axe or scepter, and not GS.

    For GS, it’s not necessarily that it’s bad (IMO it’s still the best at bursting down singular trash mobs), it’s just that double swords is vastly superior, with MH sword having the most dmg AA wise + Blurred Frenzy which is both a burst skill and evade, and OH sword with the highest dmg phantasm (which is spammed using Signet of Ether + Continuum Split if chrono). To match this, GS needs to take its specific trait, Imagined Burden, trading Illusions (better for burst dmg through illusions + self buffs) for Domination (better at sustained dps). Nevertheless, open world seems to incentivise having ranged options anyway, and having GS is never a bad choice.

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  • Gulbasaur.1865Gulbasaur.1865 Member ✭✭✭

    Just to say "I agree" really. Sword/sword is really good all round. Focus is really good for fractals because of the pull to clump enemies together. Everyone loves the chronomancer shield effects so you'll end up running with that in groups a lot.

    Greatsword is excellent for large events where standing back a bit is safer and low-pressure things when you can just zap away with your disco lasers instead of running around all over the place - GS 2, 3 & 4 are all pretty strong. If you ever go to Istan or anywhere with lots of players all at once where you have to do damage at range very quickly greatsword is pretty mandatory.

    Sword/(something)/greatsword is a decent choice.

  • I see! I really appreciate all your answers, guys! Thanks!

  • Good advice already. I'll add that while Power Chrono has excellent DPS, I have found in large open world events, or doing more difficult things solo, the builds you find online are often optimized for Raids that are going to have organized groups with lots of buffs and healing going on all over the place.

    You may find you need to change out some utilities for more self defense skills.

    If you like Power you could also use a Power version of Mirage which works nearly as well as Condition Mirage in open world with better burst and more sustain due to Mirage Cloak and utilities. And it's a bit less boring than focusing on auto-attack chains.

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