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(Spoilers) Scale of Impact of Final Situation?

Are you able to tell us how massive the death toll is from the Forge area getting melted at the end? We had a lot of coalition forces there. Just as knowing that LA had a population of 40K people and only 5K survived the invasion, fires, and miasma fueled deeply immersive rp for years, it would be great to know how big a disaster this is from the point of view of the survivors. Dozens, hundreds, thousands dead in canon?

I noted that the devs on Guild Chat today selected a similar question to answer, one along the lines of "did anyone else die?" and they had to dodge that question no doubt due to pending story beats. However, my question isn't about named people, but about the red shirts, so I figured I'd ask here. Of course, if there's going to be a time wedgie, or if Aurene managed to bubble us into the Mists at the end or something so it's -not- the huge casualty list it seems from the Commander's pov, I can understand that you all can't really answer this. But ... from the Commander's pov, how many casualties would he/she/they estimate likely from the devastation they can see? I'm fine with that being an unreliable narrator thing, though rp'ing reactions of alts who weren't near the Keep at the time would depend on what the world believes happened.

I guess that if the next episode picks up seconds later then technically any rp discussing it in the coming months would risk being retconned by new revelations. Even so, any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.



  • perilisk.1874perilisk.1874 Member ✭✭✭

    Did the destruction hit the upper level with the crystals, or just the lower level where we fought the eye? I couldn't tell, and at any rate was more focused on the situation in front of me, at the end.

  • Donari.5237Donari.5237 Member ✭✭✭✭

    That's why I'm hoping the devs spot this and give us at least a "we can't talk about that" answer. My rp guild is starting to figure out what plotlines to do based on this episode's events and it would be unfortunate to have to retcon several months of rp if the writers could have given us a very general idea of the extent of the impact on the rest of the complex/map/world.

    Again, if that impact is going to be moot (or is core to what comes next) due to stuff in the next episode, I understand that they can't tell us anything now. But if they can then it will help a lot of creative writers.

    For now we're noodling about just dealing with helping out with branded village evacuations, as that's from the episode start point. Doable, but why restrict ourselves to a holding pattern if the devs have a tiny bit of guidance to offer as to what general direction we should go haring off?

  • As to exactly how many, I can't say... It's quite a loss. If you watch the last platform during Kralk's attack, you may see a number of friendly characters that... unfortunately... do not appear after the blast. This was definitely a failure that resulted in the loss of many people's lives.

  • Donari.5237Donari.5237 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for the answer! I guess our guild can RP aftermath reactions without too much fear of retcons, though we'll still need a light touch when it comes to describing specific results and impacts.

  • @Cameron Rich.3905 said:
    As to exactly how many, I can't say... It's quite a loss. If you watch the last platform during Kralk's attack, you may see a number of friendly characters that... unfortunately... do not appear after the blast. This was definitely a failure that resulted in the loss of many people's lives.

    I'm literally going to cry if (game-wide spoilers)...

    Almorra died without fanfare. That grizzly old woman killed her warband, had to be lifted out of a deep depression to form the Vigil ground-up with Laranthir, had to kill her cub, has at least one grandcub, and has played a massive part in the wars on all the dragons, particularly this one. She has a personal vendetta and she deserves to see this get done. I fully expected her to drive an airship right at it or something, some final sacrifice or blaze of glory. If she's dead, I hope she died thinking we were about to kill Kralk for her. And if she's not, I fully expect her to rip herself, half-branded, from the ruins, and manage to fight for us anyways.

    I didn't even hear much from her this episode, which made me sad given that she's been with us since close to the beginning, and this is the culmination of her life's goal.

    ...sorry, I'm just a sucker for this old lady, and if nothing else, she deserves a nice in-game memorial or mention in the next episode. (Assuming she doesn't just haul herself out of the debris and carry on as usual.)

  • Almorra books it into the back corner/hallway, where you enter and just kinda kneels there, no brand crystals reaches that area (although the player character will take damage if standing there during the blast) and she is not removed from the area afterwards, but is sealed into corner... But that is just how the level assets where sorted (they made it kitten hard to peak in but little camera clipping reveals her character model is still there, still kneeling). Not sure what is actually supposed to happen to her, but she is clearly at least partially moved away from the destruction.

    She could have just as easily run under Brham's bubble, but instead she runs into the seemingly safe corner. I guess she has no voice lines this episode and it might be awkward for her to just stand around after the blast.

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