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Event scaling for older maps

One thing I've noticed is that once a new LS map comes out, the older ones start to taper off in activity, especially if there isn't a big meta for it. Is there any chance of looking back at required achievement events that need groups (ie Requiem gear, Griffin, general PoF maps) and scaling them back a bit so they can be done without a giant zerg? As it currently is, it feels like a lot of the Living Story maps are designed around when they're the current release, making them far less enjoyable to explore once a new one comes out (and thus making it "irrelevant" to play on).


  • Calisanna.8732Calisanna.8732 Member ✭✭✭

    I am having the same problem with getting the ascended inventory bag achievement. I honostly can’t remember the name or even the map it’s on because it’s always a ghost town.

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