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This episode contained lots of AP, while the AP system itself is really frustrating right now

I really think this game could benefit a lot by improving it's achievement system. There are so many achievements in recent releases which only offer AP rewards and most players just don't bother with them. Which is a shame since there are so many interesting challenges in this game.

The first thing what bothers me are the very outdated rewards. Don't get me wrong, some of the later rewards are pretty nice. But what's up with the liquid jug of karma and the 30-bronze siege blueprints? It really takes too much time until you get to the good stuff. Why would any new player with 5k AP bother getting 300 extra AP from the last episode?

My second issue are unobtainable AP. I think yearly festivals are fine since you can complete missing achievements next year. But so many AP are totally unobtainable which really pains me as a completionist. There is nothing wrong with rewarding long term players, but that should be the point of daily AP. I personally have quite a few unobtainable AP too. My solution to this would be increasing the cap for daily AP and let the unobtainable achievements count towards total daily AP. This still gives long term players a significant advantage.

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