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Can I just say how I appreciate the Guild Wars 2 music?

Whenever the new music appears I'm getting histerical, I am like: Its new!!

I have all of the Guild Wars 2 music in my head, even the titles - I know where each played, and in what cirumstances - that's weird isnt it? I feel like I composed them, lol. :D

But it's the work of the most amazing composers ever, especially Maclaine that in 2018 broke down all of his bounds, all of his fears, and actually sang the full new Fear not This Night, and composed a phenomenal choir music for the first time. I've always repeated that maybe some aspects of the game may lack something, but the music and the sound NEVER disappoint, it's been always on the highest level; love and hard work can be heard miles away, it's just perfect.

Path of Fire and Season 4 has made me most emotional because of the music, I'd never experienced such pain because I care so deeply for all those characters that speak to me, I feel like I have a bond with them all, with those characters, and listening to the music just make this bond stronger. Taimi's Reunion, Blish's Sorrow/Determination/Sacrifice, Aurene's Fate, Tomb of Primeval Kings, The End of War and Sanctuary of Truth etc etc etc.

It's a blessing to hear Your music, Guild Wars 2's music made me appreciate the music in general, without GW2, I'd have never truely experience what good music is, and Guild Wars 2 music made me realize that I can actually actively weave the chords, sounds. So I'm grateful, especially to Maclaine Diemer that helped me to experience the music, helped my understand it, even if he may not realize that, but I am one of many that was like Caithe in the episode, changed, because you helped me understand what my role is, and that the music is just an everlasting part of me.

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  • When in the outside enviroment in the new E5 area, there is a background music piece that has been used in GW1, EoN, The Siverpeaks in GW2, and now can be heard here. It is a solo flute piece that tends to pop up when you are running about in the snowy areas or forested areas but I have also heard it while in the Forge. Be darned if I can find it anywhere on the GW1 or GW2 music cds. Anyone have any idea what it is?

  • I have to chime in on this one... and it's not just having the good ol' GW1 OST playing through Thunderhead Peaks, but it's also the atmospheric sounds playing in the underground base, in the Deldrimor ruins and during the Living Story. Story can be gripping, but add music of the level of quality Anet releases, and it lifts the experience to new heights.

    There's this ambient drone playing in the underground near Observation Deck WP... when I came out there after the final of Ep. 5... wow, that's when the futility of the situation hit me... like the PC said, "I don't know."... just wow, what comes next :)

    Time to hit the Lore section and speculate!

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    I agree the music part of episode 5 is amazing. Tho you always do a great job about it. Music is perfect for every action moment and emotions and has a right timing when to appear, became louder or quieter. I often listen to the GW2 ost when I'm working or doing something. Thank you very much.

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    I'm not going to hyperbole it with emotion, but yes the ep5 music was very well put together. Frankly any time some of the gw1 shiverpeaks stuff appears in the game I'll love it, but the new compositions were on point. There's one particular piece that had a very LOTR feel to it. I'll have to find what it was.

    I've got back into some jrpgs recently and they are notoriously outstanding in their OST (Xenoblades 2 is my latest finish and that hit a new benchmark). It's nice to play new GW2 stuff and for it to continue to produce great ambient music

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