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WvW T2 EU has multiple instances of the same map

So, we play on the T2 Matchup EU, Kodash flipped the garrison on Piken BL, ported do EWP on other BL and ported back - Garrison was back to T3, unflipped, and we were on a new instance (with people who didn't take the EWP still stuck in the old instance).

Also Redbriar on Piken BL is colored red, but the gates/supply depot are blue..

reportedly the other servers in the match have similar issues.


  • A camp I flipped from red to blue, kept re-flipping from red to blue on the map, and I'm falling to my death when I think it's safe to glide because borders are showing blue instead of red. It's utterly confusing.

  • Sciva.4865Sciva.4865 Member
    edited January 12, 2019

    Before all this strangeness happened I was disconnected and couldn't get back in for about 5 mins, maybe it has something to do with it.

  • And it seems, the second piken borderland is still running and counting for the tick.

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